Diamond Cherry® White Brilliance

Diamond Up Your Skin Capsules

High-end Swiss brand food supplement for Skin
that Is as Clear, Bright And Strong As Perfectly Shining Diamond.

100% Natural Food Supplement
Medical Grade Beauty Food Supplement
Clinically Proven for Melasma & Skin Rejuvenation
Once a day

diamond cherry whitening supplement
diamond cherry whitening supplement





Clinically Tested


Certified Natural, Safe, and Authentic

Diamond Cherry® White Brilliance

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we stock Diamond Cherry® White Brilliance Supplement, Diamond Up Your Skin Capsules, a unique comprehensive food supplement rich in anti-oxidants that can power up your skin, reduce pigmentation, increase skin luminosity making it reflect light, “like a precisely cut diamond’!

Rejuvenate your skin from within with just a once a day dose of 1 capsule.  

Read on to find out more about Diamond Cherry’s origins, ingredients, and how consuming it properly may help accelerate your pigmentation removal journey.

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diamond cherry whitening supplement sakura

Benefits of Diamond Cherry White Brilliance

Let’s start with the power-packed benefits of Diamond Cherry – a long-term and natural solution that gives you better skin from within – not just your face, but your entire body.


Skin Brightening


Dark Spot Elimination


Reduce skin colour changing irritants


Reduction of Melasma


Skin Rejuvenation





What your skin will experience:

Lightens and evens skin tone
Diminish melasma and reduce pigmentation
Promote skin radiance
Inhibit melanin synthesis, slowing down production of new pigmentation
Protect against DNA damage from free radicals.
Increase your skin’s natural SPF (sun protection factor) by up to 20%

(Sun + Oxygen + Skin –> Nasty Free Radical Chain Reaction in Skin –> DNA/Protein/Membrane Damage or Cell Death)

Increases skin suppleness and hydration.
Reduce collagen degradation
Improves skin quality, with smoother and healthier skin texture, preventing aging.
Enhance biomolecules (carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids – these are the building blocks of life)
How does it work?

Diamond Cherry White Brilliance by its unique scientifically proven ingredients in a completely natural way, helps the body diminish the need to produce melanin – a substance mostly needed for skin protection. It has been shown that ROS (reactive oxygen species) produced by UV light and urban pollution are highly relevant to skin pigmentation, and that therefore enhancing internal antioxidants is an effective method of preventing oxidative damage.

Thus, in a natural way the Diamond Cherry White Brilliance facilitates the increase of our internal antioxidant defense system against oxidative stress and gives our body the needed healthy comfort and protection*.


*Afaq, F.; Adhami, V. M.; Ahmad, N.; Mukhtar, H. Botanical antioxidants for chemoprevention of photocarcinogenesis. Front. Biosci. 7:784– 792; 2002
How do I use it?

One capsule a day.
Diamond Cherry® White Brilliance is an important whitening supplement to help with pigmentation removal, giving you stronger and fairer skin. However, the usage does not stop there.

Our doctors also incorporate Diamond Cherry® into our holistic treatment journey – [Eeva Pigmentation Removal Solutions]. This will help you maintain clear skin after the pigmentation has cleared, as well as prevent and slow down any recurrence of pigmentation.

Warnings; Do not take during pregnancy and lactation.

What is the cost?

Consult our medical team who will be able to advise you on Diamond Cherry® price in Singapore. Bearing in mind your expectations and needs, our experienced doctors are able to tailor a treatment plan to achieve your desired result. 

What are the key ingredients?

Star Ingredients : A patented blend of

  • CHERRY BLOSSOMS – for the brightness of the skin, its young appearance and internal rejuvenation.
  • CHERRY FRUIT – the healthy turgor of the skin.
  • CHERRY LEAVES AND STEMS – filled with the natural green energy of the chlorophyll support the Sun protection and anti-ageing characteristics of the product.

Complemented by a synergistic blend of multi-functioning power ingredients :

Allium Cepa Powder,Allium Sativum Extract,Basil Powder,Broccoli Extract,Broccoli Sprouts Extract,Brussels Sprouts Extract,Green Coffee Extract,Green Tea Extract,Kale Powder,Mangosteen Extract,Olive Extract,Oregano Powder,Spinach Powder,Thyme Powder, Quercetin


Completing the formulation, the L-cysteine and the Biotin are additionally acting as skin beautifying agents. L-cysteine is a natural precursor of Glutathione, which is synthesized in the liver and is the super antioxidant that is responsible for protecting the cells of our skin. Biotin is responsible for the maintenance of normal skin and hair.


*Shimoda H. et al., Effect of cinnamoyl and flavanol glucosides derived from cherry blossom flowers on the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and AGE-induced fibroblast apoptosis. Phytotherapy Res. 2011; 25: 1328-35.)

Clinical Trials? Any real evidence?

Clinical trials have proven that the unique formulation of Diamond Cherry White Brilliance is an effective alternative treatment for melasma problems and is perfect for skin rejuvenation. Diamond Cherry White Brilliance intake for 5 months may prevent chloasma from becoming worse prior to the summer season.

diamond cherry whitening supplement



15 patients with bilateral epidermal melasma reducing spots with 62 % in the end of the trail period. 5 patients with dermal melasma reducing spots with 51 %. Melanin-index significantly decreased after 4 months of the intake (0.025 +/- 0.005 at the start vs 0.019 +/- 0.004 at 4 months) (p<0.01).


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