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About Us

Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic is a cosy and intimate boutique medical aesthetic practice exclusively dedicated to medical aesthetic services encompassing skin, body and hair. Helmed by sensible and professional aesthetic doctors, Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping, your concerns and aesthetic well-being are assuredly dealt and cared for with utmost competence and passion.

Express Medi-Facials (30min) – for the Busy Executive | Student| Mummy

Executive Miracle C Medi-Facial (30min) $128+ (Suitable for all skin types) **[EEVA SIGNATURE]**
Our signature efficient express facial that cleans face deeply, unclogs pores and instantly brightens and hydrates with a glow!

*Features : the power of Dermagold Award Winning Miracle C+ Serum

Cleanse + Ultrasonic Exfoliation + Ultrasonic penetration of Vit C + Biocalm Mask

Add-on options:

Nano-spray for moisture / oxygen $68+

Mini eye massage $10+

Mini face massage $10+

Express Student Medi-Facial (30min) $88+ (For oily + acne-prone skin) **[BUDGET MEDI-FACIAL]**
A basic no-nonsense express facial designed especially for students’ budget and busy schedules.

Our deep cleansing and exfoliation express facial unclogs pores to reduce the outbreak of acne and balance the oil production of the skin

Cleanse + Ultrasonic Exfoliation + Recovery Gel Mask + DermaLight

Add on options:

Purify or anti-acne micronutrients $68+

Enzyme Peel / AHA peel $68+

Nano-spray for oil balance and anti-bacterial $68+

Ultrasonic Acne Facial (30min) $148+
A facial specially designed using technology for acne-prone skin. Our ultrasonic deep cleansing and exfoliation unclog pores to reduce the outbreak of acne and balance oil production of the skin. This followed by the application of derma-micronutrients selected specially for acne-prone skin. End off with DermaLight a mixture of blue and red light that helps control bacteria and stimulate repair of the skin.

Cleanse + Ultrasonic Exfoliation + Purify / Anti-acne micronutrients + DermaLight (blue + red)

UltraLuxe PDRN QuickGlow Medi-Facial (30min) $300+ (All skin types) **[CUSTOMER'S FAVE]**
A lunchtime luxury medi-facial that delivers glow, lift and hydration. Deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin is followed by micro-cell channel therapy to penetrate a cocktail of PDRN, EGF and lifting peptides, ending off with a bio-calming mask. Wake up after 30min to fresh, dewy and hydrated skin with an irresistible glow!

Cleanse + Ultrasonic Exfoliation + PDRN Gold Micro-cell Channel Therapy + Biocalm Mask

Add-on options:

Mini eye massage $10+

Mini face massage $10+

Premier Medi-Facials (80 min onwards) – We Delivers Results with Extra Pampering

PDRN Skin Perfection Facial (80min) $350+ (*Our patient's fave Red carpet facial*)
A medi-facial that seriously transforms your skin at the DNA level.

*Features PDRN Lift Cell Channel Therapy with a face lifting massage

Eeva InstaGlow Facial (80min) $350+
Our star-worthy medi-facial for instant glow!

*Features Korean style lymphatic drainage to detox your skin and PDRN penetration at cellular level to reverse aging and restore youth from within.

Ultra Lift Facial (80min) $350+ (For sagging skin)
Non-invasive face and eye lifting medi-facial that tightens and lifts the skin on face and eye areas. Reduces dark eye circles and aids lymphatic drainage of skin.

*Features medical grade Israeli Magnetic Pulse RF

Eeva Chillax Facial (100min) $350+ (Our signature for massage lovers!)
A 100min ultra-pampering Eeva customized facial suited for all skin needs that will leave you in bliss!

*Features extended facial massage

*choice of 2 sets of micro-nutrients ampoules that add oxygen to your skin and customized for your skin needs

Eye Rejuvenation Programs

Israeli Magnetic Pulse RF Eye Lifting Therapy $150+
For dark eye circles, eye wrinkles, drooping eyelids

*option to add-on eye micro-nutrients $48+

Sparkling Eye Therapy (30min) $120+
The perfect treatment for tired eyes to reduce puffiness and dark eye circles. Added benefit of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Get to bring home another 3 sessions of micro-nutrients to further enhance the benefits.

*Features detoxing eye massage and micro-nutrients for the eye area.

Back Anti-blemish Programs

Bareback Facial (75min) $260+
Deep cleansing and purifying back treatment to clear out zits, blemishes and impurities. Achieve your dream to wear that bareback dress again!
*Features purifying micro-nutrients for the skin

(for upper back)

Aqua Peel Back $280+ (suitable for acne/ remove blemishes/ pigment)
A no nonsense [3 step] deep clean and hydro peel of the back with antioxidant infusions. Removes dead skin, reduces back blemishes and leaves your back refreshed and glowing!

Foundation Medi-Facials (60 min)

Radiant White Facial (60min) $180+ (For dull and pigmented skin)
Skin whitening and brightening medi-facial for dull and pigmented skin to reverse pigmentation caused by sun damage. Restore the glow.

*Features micro-nutrients for the skin that reduces pigmentation and brightens skin.

Acne Clear Facial (60min) $180+ (For acne prone + oily skin)
The ultimate no nonsense facial for acne prone skin. Deep cleansing and thorough extraction to purify oily skin and calm down the skin.

*Features micro-nutrients that purify the skin

Skin Rescue Detox Facial (60min) $180+ (For all skin types)
Every face needs a regular skin detox to restore skin health, wellness and glow! Relax and chillout under the hands of our skilled therapists to experience a soothing lymphatic drainage – Korean style. Awake from the experience with fresher skin that glows from within!

*Features derma-detox micro-nutrients to aid skin detoxification process

DermaCalm SOS Facial (60min) $180+ (For sensitive + delicate skin)
The perfect skin calming and soothing facial for sensitive skin that needs some tender loving care and pampering!

*Features micro-nutrients that will bring your delicate skin to a peaceful calm.

Eeva Mini Signatures

PDRN Micro-cell Channel Therapy $288+
FDA-approved technology to transmit an anti-aging skin rejuvenation cocktail of PDRN, multi-epidermal growth factors and multi skin lifting peptides into you skin

Change your skin DNA and get a glow from within!

Hydra Acne Peel $128+ (For acne + clogged pores)
Our 3 step tech facial that cleans up clogged and acne laden skin.

We first start with a deep cleanse to clear your skin of grease and follow on with either a diamond peel or ultrasonic deep cleanse to remove dead cells on the skin surface. Next a gentle but effective acne peel is applied on the skin followed by the final step of anti-oxidant infusion that seals in the moisture.

Hydra Clear Peel $128+ (For all skin types)
Our 3 step tech facial clears old and dead skin and clogged pores, leaving your skin clean and refreshed! We first start with a deep cleanse to clear your skin of grease and follow on with either a diamond peel or ultrasonic deep cleanse to remove dead cells on the skin surface. Next a gentle but effective peel is applied on the skin followed by the final step of anti-oxidant infusion that seals in the moisture.

# not suitable for sensitive and delicate skin

Korean Manual Lymphatic Drainage Face (20min) $120+ (The perfect detox treatment)
The perfect detox treatment for the tired face and eyes.
Ultrasonic Derma Cleanse $88+
No nonsense deep cleansing and exfoliation of clogged pores and dead skin. Reveal new and cleaner skin from beneath!
DermaLight Therapy $88+
Options available :

Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Brightening
Collagen Stimulation

Derma Micro-nutrient Therapy $68+
Options available :

Skin Brightening

Neck + Decollete Programs

Israeli Magnetic Pulse RF Neck Lifting Therapy $150+ (For sagging neck skin, neck lines and wrinkles)
Israeli Magnetic Pulse RF Decollete Lifting Therapy $350+ (For wrinkles + lines + sagging skin)

Our Holistic and Personalised
approach to treatments comprises of

Proven in-clinic treatments & protocols

Personalised skincare / haircare

Clinically approved medications / supplements

This 3-step comprehensive approach ensures optimal results in your personal enhancement journey with us!

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