Medical Grade Bust Lift for an enhanced cleavage $350+

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[Non-surgical Magnetic Pulse RF Bust Lift] $350
*Israeli medical technology: Magnetic pulse RF Breast Lifting and Enhancement
  • Non-surgical
  • Needle-free
  • Pain-free
  • Affordable

Our clinical grade non-surgical Bust Lift protocol harnesses Israeli magnetic pulse RF technology to tighten and lift muscles supporting the breast to lift sagging breasts.

This advanced Magnetic Pulsed RF optimally delivers homogenous energy and volumetric heating to the deep tissues, allowing fast and safe build up of heat and constant temperature through the treatment area. Their synergistic combination activates the fibroblasts and their proliferation and stimulates angiogenesis through growth factor release for collagen production and tightening.

When do I expect to see results?

Results most ladies require 6-8 sessions to notice improved lifting and cleavage prominence. These 6-8 sessions should be performed weekly, initially and subsequent maintenance at once a month.

* results vary for each individual, depending on the severity of the sagginess of the breasts and their original cup size.

How long is the treatment process?

Each treatment is 30min

What is the procedure like?

The treatment is very comfortable with no downtime, the applicator glides over the treatment area(chest wall where the muscles are supporting the breasts) to heat up the area to the ideal temperature. The treatment is so comfortable you may even fall asleep.

Post treatment, the skin is warm to touch and there is mild redness, however, they will dissipate quickly and you will feel normal. No post treatment care is necessary. 

Is there any downtime?

Treatment is non-invasive without any downtime. It can be a lunch-time procedure performed in between your work schedules or appointments.

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Our Treatment Philosophy
Our practice is intimate and cosy – you can trust us to handle your concerns with confidentiality and professionalism and you have our assurance that we will do our best to help you.We care enough to listen to your concerns and will work with you to devise a plan suitable for your preferences, schedule and budget.

We care enough to listen to you and each patient matters to us. We are not a mass market aesthetics outlet or spa so do not believe in hard-sell policies. Our doctors are down to earth and sensible and are passionate in delivering results. We aim to give you unbiased and proven advice to ensure that you receive the most optimal treatment to suit your preferences, budget, schedule and needs.

Whatsapps us @87263383 for an appointment to trial our non-surgical [Israeli Medical Grade RF Bust Lift] . We assure you that we will listen to your needs and concerns with care and do our best to help you. We look forward to meet you soon! 


Professional Doctors who Care. Our doctors have a collective experience of more than 40 years in medical and aesthetic practice – they are sensible and down to earth doctors with the heart of family physicians. We care both about the patient holistically as well as delivering results. Our doctors have seen many patients though various seasons of their life’s journey.

We use clinical treatments that have been administered successfully in many Korean aesthetic treatment clinics.
Not a mass market outlet – clinical treatments are customized to each patient’s preferences, needs, schedule and budget.
Accurate diagnosis of scar problems so targeted and effective clinical treatment can be administered.
Private and confidential – we have private rooms especially dedicated to clinical scar treatment for maximum comfort and privacy.
Painless, non-invasive, no downtime, affordable.
Conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar Mrt. Easy accessibility from all parts of Singapore.

Our clinical team constantly updates our clinical acne scar treatment protocols and aim to deliver the most effective results to our patients.

You have our assurance that our clinic practises strict hygiene and sanitisation measures.

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