Painless HIFU Face Lift

Holistic 360 Skin Lifting at different levels to deliver long-lasting visible-results that you want without the pain!

Performed by Lady Doctors.
Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Technology is a Painless alternative to conventional HIFU!
☑️ No numb cream needed.
☑️ Non-surgical painless Face Lift.
☑️ Double Chin Reduction.
☑️ V face.
☑️ Facial Fat Reduction
☑️ Skin Brightening.
☑️ Pore Reduction.

Key benefits of your HIFU Facelift programme at a glance

hifu facelift singapore

4th Gen Ultracel Q+ HIFU FaceLift

Performed by Singapore-certified medical doctor

Skin Tightening + Pore Reduction

No Pain

Wrinkle and fine line reduction around the eyes and mouth

Tighten jawline to achieve V face

Lift drooping eyelids | Brow Lift

Reduces nasolabial fold line depression

Crow's feet wrinkle and fine line reduction

Frown lines reduction

Fat Reduction and Lifting of sagging cheeks and face

Lift sagging abdominal skin

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We practise no hard sell policy and fair pricing.
Not a mass market outlet – clinical treatments are customized to each patient’s preferences, needs, schedule and budget.
Private and confidential – we have private rooms especially dedicated to clinical treatment for maximum comfort and privacy.

Experience the “Eeva” Difference in Painless HIFU Facelift

Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Technology has arrived in Singapore! Each procedure is personally performed by our lady doctors. Ultracel Q+ is a 4th Generation Hifu that delivers excellent face lifting results of conventional HIFU but without the pain! On top of that, Ultracel Q+ has additional benefits that are delivered during the treatment: skin brightening, reduced facial flushing, fat reduction. Traditionally Hifu only delivered good but gradual results that can be seen 1 to 3 months later. Ultracel Q+ is a game-changer with its unique feature combining the world’s only LinearFirm Technology (Linear HIFU) with the conventional Dot Cartridge making it able to deliver both short term and long term results. This makes Ultracel Q+ no longer what HIFU used to be. The feedback from our patients has been very positive and many of them come out of the treatments with a smiling lifted and brighter face!

hifu facelift

Our doctors, Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping have a collective experience of more than 40 years in medical and aesthetic practise. Our doctors are down to earth and sensible, with the heart of family physicians. We are in tune with our patients’ needs and preferences and strongly believe in delivering results that our patients want. In our years of practise, we have noticed that pain is a huge deterrent for many of our patients when doing HIFU face Lifts – we totally understand. As such, we are excited to share about the new Ultracel Q+ HIFU – a 4th Generation HIFU LinearFirm technology that delivers the long-lasting results that you want but without the pain ( no numb cream needed)!

Some of the common areas that our patients frequently notice sagging include :

Jawline, Eyelids, Jowls, Neck, Upper arms, Stomach

Common Causes of Sagging Skin are :

  1. Aging: resulting in loss of skin elasticity, loss of collagen and elastin. This can be aggravated by UV exposure, environmental pollutants and certain lifestyle factors like poor nutrition and excessive alcohol intake
  2. Sudden Weight Loss
  3. Illness
  4. Post-pregnancy
Your Skin Tightening Face Lift journey with us will begin with an all-important consultation with our lady doctor.

During the detailed 30 min consultation, our lady doctors and the team will :

  1. Analyse your skin and facial contours – we will take note of the special areas that you would want us to pay attention to.
  2. Take note of your special medical history including drug allergies or previous surgeries etc.
  3. Take note of whether you have any other co-existing aesthetics concerns – the treatment approach may be slightly different in each individual.
  4. We will also take special note of previous medications/ skincare / treatments that you may have done before as this will help us to customise your acne scar treatment program better.
  5. Assess your skin and suitability for treatment.
  6. You are also free to raise any unique concerns that you have about your skin or treatment plan.
  7. Finally, a customised Treatment Plan will be designed for you to suit your concerns, needs, budget and schedule.
The type of treatment that will be recommended by our doctors for you will be customised for you according to your individual condition.

Complementing the Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm HIFU technology are other non-invasive, painless, no downtime and affordable treatment solutions that can help lift sagging skin to look their very best both for work and social life! Some of our in-clinic treatment plans options include :

Klarity Inner Lift Laser

Klarity Inner Lift Laser

FDA approved | Doctor Performed Treatment

$208 upwards

  • FDA approved Lutronic Clarity Long Pulse Ndyag laser
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Lifting of nasolabial folds, sculptured jawline
Gen Ultracel Q+ HIFU Face Lift

4th Gen Ultracel Q+ HIFU Face Lift

Doctor Performed | LInearFirm Technology | Painless

$700 /per part upwards

  • World’s Only Linear Hifu
  • World’s Fastest HIFU
  • Painless (no need numb cream)
  • Non-invasive face lifting
  • 4th Gen Hifu with linear and dot settings for both immediate and long-lasting effects ( different from conventional Hifu that requires 1-3 months to see visible effects)
  • KFDA approved
  • CE approved
  • ADDITIONAL Benefits :
  • Skin brightening
  • V Face + Fat Reduction
  • Pore reduction
  • Brow Lift
Rejuran Face Lift

Rejuran Face Lift

KFDA approved | HSA approved

$622 upwards

  • Works on DNA of the skin to reverse aging and turn back the clock
  • Collagen Stimulation result in natural lifting of skin
  • KFDA approved
  • HSA approved
  • Additional Benefits: Skin brightening
  • Pore reduction
  • Skin Glow and Hydration

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We have taken time to compile detailed answers to questions our patients frequently ask. To start your own scar removal journey with us,  whatsapp us at 87263383 to book an appointment with our lady doctors, Dr Grace Ling or Dr Lim Luping. We look forward to meet you to have a detailed analysis of your acne scars and design a customised Acne Scar Treatment plan suitable for your needs, concerns, budget and schedule.

Common FAQs that we encounter from patients familiar with our previous conventional HIFU :


Features Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm HIFU Conventional HIFU we have used previously
Technology World’s Only LinearFirm Technology has arrived in SG. Linear HIFU cartridge combined synergistically with conventional Dot cartridge delivering 360 Holistic short term and long term results. 4th Generation Technology

Dot Cartridge only.

Results seen only from 1-3 months onwards.

2nd and 3rd Generation technology

Pain Level Painless (no numb cream needed) Painful
Treatment time Fast speed HIFU. 20-30 min for full face 60 min for full face
Face Lift Yes Yes
Jawline Sculpting Yes Yes
Double Chin Reduction Yes Yes
Brow Lift Yes Yes
Reduce Wrinkles/ Fine lines Yes Yes
Skin Brightening Yes No
Fat Reduction Yes Moderate
Reduce Facial Flushing Yes No
Pore Reduction Yes No
What are the features and benefits of 4th Gen HIFU?
4th Gen HIFU combines the best of both worlds! It is able to deliver results with no pain and in a shorter time! There is also no need for numbing cream. ! HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This is a quantum leap in medical aesthetic technology harnessing focused Ultrasound heat energy to lift and tighten the facial and neck skin to achieve a more defined and youthful smoother facial contour. For many years, Ulthera and HIFU technology has been associated with pain in order to achieve good results. 4th Gen Hifu is an excellent alternative non-invasive, non-surgical facelift with no downtime. 4th Gen HIFU is also the first to have both linear and dot settings that deliver immediate as well as long term results! Being the new generation HIFU technology, it also has the additional benefit of skin whitening and brightening as well as pore reduction. Suitable for busy working professionals, executives, and also busy homemakers.
How does painless 4th Gen HIFU work?

Our painless 4th Gen works faster and more holistically compared to some conventional face lifting options. This new leap in technology makes HiFU no longer what it used to be. HIFU accurately targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System(SMAS), deeper and superficial layers of the skin. This safe treatment protects the superficial skin layer (epidermis) while allowing deep and uniform penetration of heat into the skin at various depths of 4.5mm, 3.0mm, and 2.0mm to stimulate collagen tightening, thickening & remodelling, and collagen formation. This progressively leads to a firm scaffolding matrix in the SMAS resulting in facial tightening, lifting and firming. This device also melts unwanted fat and is suitable for reducing the double chin and lower face fats.
The unfortunate truth is that as we age, both the muscles and fat pad deposits of our faces start to gradually descend. This increase in loose tissue, particularly in the jowl area, can have a very ageing effect. Additionally, it has the effect of making us look more stern, sadder, or more tired than we actually are, which could have an impact on our work or social lives.

While many may be well aware of facial aging, few are unaware that with age, the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) plays a significant role in the aging process.

The SMAS, or Subcutaneous Musculo-Aponeurotic System, is the supporting framework of connective tissue found just under the skin that helps hold support and facial structures.

The SMAS plays a significant role in the aging process. With age, the SMAS weakens in it support as its ability to hold up the muscles, fat and skin of the face diminishes over time. Combined with the toll of gravity and environmental factors, the face, eyelids, jowls and neck sag and lose their youthful vigor. Knowing how the SMAS relates to facial aging can help you understand why HIFU Face Lift will be the treatment of choice for sagging skin and sagging jowls as it directly targets the SMAS layer.

The next time you notice your wrinkles, sagging jowls, or sagging cheeks, you’ll know that your SMAS is losing its hold.

How long after 4th Gen HIFU do I see results and what kind of results?
Unlike conventional Hifu that takes 1-3 months to start seeing results, Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Technology can deliver visible results after the treatment session followed by progressive results of lifting over the next 3 months*. Added benefits include skin brightening, pore reduction, facial fat reduction and reduced facial flushing. As such, there will be both a short term and long term benefits of the 4th Gen Ultracel Q+ HIFU treatment that you will enjoy!

*Results may vary from one individual to another depending on the severity of condition, genetics and lifestyle factors

Treatment Philosophy
Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic is more than just high-tech procedures although we strongly believe in delivering results. Our doctors believe that machines and procedures are only tools in the holistic care of the patients that require results-driven treatments. Our practice is intimate and cosy – you can trust us to handle your concerns with confidentiality and professionalism and you have our assurance that we will do our best to help you.
We understand fully well that skin concerns can affect have an emotional and psychological impact on one’s life regardless of your age or profession. Our doctors daily consult and treat a wide range of patients from all walks of life who have previously suffered from various skin concerns ranging from a few years to more than 20 years. Our patients range from fresh graduates to young working executives to even C-suite executives. Patients who have previously been treated by us also bring their kids to see Dr Grace and Dr Lim. Dr Grace and Dr Lim are both mothers themselves so are able to connect well with younger patients as well.

We care enough to listen to you and each patient matters to us. We are not a mass-market aesthetics outlet or spa so do not believe in hard-sell policies. Our doctors are down to earth and sensible and are passionate about delivering results. We aim to give you unbiased and proven advice to ensure that you receive the most optimal treatment to suit your preferences, budget, schedule, and needs.

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