Aknicare Combi

Acne Treatment Dietary Supplement

• Reduces inflammation
• Balances sebum and oil production
• Improve overall skin health
• Strengthen skin barrier function
• Prevents bacterial activity on the skin

acne removal aknicare supplement
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Acne can be troubling if:

The size of the Acne has been affecting your daily lifestyle

They are inflammed and red, and are visibly noticeable

You want to get smooth and clear skin but there are angry acne that keep coming back

More pimples and acne are breaking out despite using OTC anti-acne products

Your acne has left you with hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blemishes that do not go away

acne removal aknicare supplement





Clinically Tested


Certified Natural, Safe, and Authentic

Aknicare Combi

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we stock Acne Aknicare Combi Food Supplement, an acne clearance oral supplement.

Read on to find out more about Aknicare Combi’s origins, ingredients, and how consuming it properly may help accelerate your acne clearance journey.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, delivery can be arranged at zero cost within SG, WhatsApp us at +65 8726 3383 to find out more. Contact us now!

What your skin will experience:


Fortify your overall skin health


Enhance skin barrier function


Reduce bacterial activity on the skin


Reduce acne inflammation

What’s in Acne Aknicare Combi and how does it work?

You may have tried multiple acne treatment solution. We have an answer for you which proves to work, a supplement that does not require prescription though it can only be found in clinics.

Acne Aknicare Combi is an important whitening supplement to help with acne clearance, strengthening your overall skin health and building the skin barrier function to prevent bacterial activity on the skin. However, the usage does not stop there.

How do I use it?

Each box contains 30 tablets.1 tablet in the morning after food.

Our doctors also incorporate Acne Aknicare Combi into our holistic treatment journey – [Eeva Acne Clearance Solutions]. This will help you maintain clear skin after the acne has cleared, as well as prevent and slow down any recurrence of acne.

Warnings; Do not take during pregnancy and lactation.

What is the cost?

Consult our medical team who will be able to advise you on Acne Aknicare Combi price in Singapore. Bearing in mind your expectations and needs, our experienced doctors are able to tailor a holistic plan to achieve your desired result. 

What are the key active ingredients?

Epigallocatechin gallate (75mg), Zinc gluconate (6.25mg) and niacin (18mg) per tablet.

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