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Dear all, today we will be covering a topic that not many people talk about, which is when to consult a doctor for belly fat reduction. Sometimes, despite a healthy lifestyle, it may still take very long to get the tummy fat reduction results that you want. Research has also shown that belly fat carries serious health risks. Hence it is wise to consult a doctor in these 4 scenarios. Keep reading to find out more! 

Diet and exercise is not helping 

When you have tried a conventional diet and exercise but have yet to see any results, it may be timely to consult a doctor. Doctors are regularly updated on the latest belly fat reduction tools, techniques and strategies that can help you achieve your goal. Furthermore, they will have a team of staff that is ready to support you with pre and post-treatment care, making your tummy fat reduction journey that much easier and smoother. 

Belly fat may also be more stubborn due to the cortisol hormone. When your body is constantly experiencing high levels of stress, it will produce more cortisol, which may eventually become counterproductive. Having too much cortisol may alter metabolic processes which eventually cause you to gain stubborn belly fat that simply can’t go away. Therefore, making time to unwind is very important. Getting enough sleep is essential as the body utilizes fat as the primary source of fuel during sleep. Also, try switching to green tea and avoid caffeine in the morning as caffeine stimulates cortisol production. 

Conventional Slimming treatments may not work 

It is common to see people spending money on the conventional salon or slimming centre treatments that tend to either have limited effectiveness or take a very long time to see results. Also, slimming diets do not work most of the time, and may result in yo-yo short term results that may cause even more health issues. There may be beauty treatments that promise slimming results. However, these may not be for everyone as the end result really depends on your existing health condition and medical history. 

Visiting a medical aesthetic clinic with medically certified doctors ensures that you can receive safe, updated, and results-oriented driven treatments, customised to your body, and are delivered by qualified and trained doctors and therapists. Investing in this route may be a more valuable and affordable option in the long term. 

The Belly Fat is causing you emotional distress 

Belly fat may be disrupting your lifestyle, for instance, you may find it hard to fit into your everyday clothes or you feel emotionally shy about showing up at social gatherings, be it at work or with family or friends. Some people may also feel frustrated by an obvious tummy bulge that can’t seem to go away despite experimenting with all sorts of diets and exercise plans. 

The best way out of this is to visit medically qualified doctors who will be able to design a customised treatment plan based on your budget, needs, preferences, and specific condition. In addition, most clinic treatments will be designed to be non-surgical and incorporated into your lifestyle with minimal downtime, meaning that you can function regularly with no need for recovery from high-risk surgical procedures. At Eeva, non-invasive fat reduction treatments are highly preferred by our patients and some even find them highly relaxing as a form of lunchtime treatment. 

Your health is affected 

Belly fat may seem superficial but too much of it may actually cause a strain to your spine, affecting your health. Belly fat is associated with an increased risk of premature death, regardless of your overall weight. Belly fat includes visceral fat, which lies deep inside the abdomen and surrounds your internal organs. No longer just a cosmetic concern, visceral fat is related to dangerous health issues such as: 

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure 
  • Type 2 diabetes 
  • Breathing problems 
  • Abnormal cholesterol 

Women especially may have more body fat shifting to the abdomen after menopause. Eating a healthy diet, replacing sugary beverages, eating in moderation will be helpful for weight loss. 

Belly fat could also be an indicator that your body is suffering from some other medical condition. For instance, your stress levels may be too high, or you may be suffering from an endocrine disorder like polycystic ovary syndrome. 


Consult our helpful and friendly lady doctors at Eeva today to get started on your clinical fat reduction treatment that delivers effective and long-lasting results. Our doctors have many years of experience in treating patients from all walks of life. Eeva also has a team of caring medical staff that will ensure your every need is taken care of, from the minute you step into the clinic. Contact us today

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