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Ultracel Q+ HIFU’s Painless Face Lift Solution

Why go through PAINFUL procedures and treatments just to acquire our desired baby smooth skin? An emerging treatment, Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Technology is a swift and painless solution to your beauty goals!

With our doctors’ collective medical aesthetic experience of 40 years, we have observed and noted down our patients’ sensitivity to pain and discomfort. As our treatment philosophy emphasises heavily on prioritising our patients’ preferences and delivery, we have decided to introduce the painless Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Technology!

With the Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Technology, you can now look forward to a sexier, V-shaped jawline and lifted face WITHOUT dreading pain! This 4th Generation HIFU tightens and lifts loathsome sagging skin WITHOUT numb cream nor needles. This device also melts excess fat and is suitable for reducing the double chin and lower face fat. Additional benefits include skin brightening, pore reduction, facial fat reduction and reduced facial flushing.

Ultracel Q+ features a marriage of the LinearFirm Technology (Linear HIFU) with the conventional Dot Cartridge, enabling it to deliver both short term and long term results. Upon its launch, Ultracel Q+ has garnered positive recognition for its painless delivery!

Complementing this technology are needleless REJU PN Collagen Booster Skin Boosters. Not only are they pain-free, needle-free and bump-free, they also deliver gradual skin improvements and anti-ageing results all while effectively enhancing skin texture, firmness and elasticity. REJU PN Collagen Booster is widely known by medical aesthetic doctors as an efficient substance for youth restoration, skin healing and anti-ageing.

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic clinic, we promote the ultimate treatment combination of Ultracel Q+ and REJU PN Collagen Booster Skin Boosters for augmented synergistic results. Clients will encounter visible results after a treatment session following progressive results of lifting over the next 3 months.

Our doctors are also known to be sensible and down to earth individuals with the heart of family physicians. We deeply care about the holistic wellbeing of our patients and delivering results.

Emerge from our clinic with freshly restored youth after implementing our latest synergistic combination of Ultracel Q+ AND REJU PN Collagen Booster Skin Boosters. Call us now at 9457 9225!

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