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The Truth About Fat Freezing And Weight Loss

fat freezing vs weight loss singapore

Weight loss is among the most popular health industry aim developments. Many individuals worldwide struggle with being overweight, and they try various ways of fasting and strenuous exercise in an effort to lose those excess pounds and become fit. Heard about weight loss, fat loss and fat freezing Singapore methodology but not sure what they mean? This article will explain the truth about weight loss and fat loss while revealing how fat freezing can benefit you!

The difference between fat loss and weight loss

Weight loss is the term used to describe a reduction in your total body weight, including fat, fluids, and tissue. It generally describes the general decrease in weight per kilogram. As opposed to weight loss, fat loss pertains to weight loss from fat, and it is a highly focused and beneficial objective. A drop in body fat percentage that is exclusive to a proportion is referred to as “fat loss”. In reality, to seem more athletic and achieve that lean appearance, fat loss involves dropping weight yet retaining even more lean mass. Power or endurance exercise should be prioritized in order to predominantly reduce fat while avoiding muscle gain and building muscles with the correct diet. Fluid and tissue are lost along with the weight, which could be harmful to overall well being. On the other hand, fat loss can assist lower your chance of developing long-term illness, minimize swelling, stop the loss of muscle mass, and support you in keeping the weight off. Additionally, cutting calories is a good way to decrease body fat, but unlike weight loss, fat loss depends primarily on a balanced diet. Eating properly by itself can help you lose weight, but it won’t help you lose fat. Additionally, fat loss cannot be tracked using just a scale, as compared to weight loss.

How much weight loss to expect with fat freezing

After therapy, the patient gradually and organically cleanses and eliminates the damaged fat tissue. In the roughly 4 months following the start of intervention, research has demonstrated an estimated fat loss between about 15 and 28 percent. Although most individuals can expect significant improvements at the latest in approximately 3 months, some patients begin to notice improvements as soon as 1.5 months have passed.

With fat freezing in Singapore, underlying fat cells in the targeted site can be irreversibly broken down and destroyed. Through its cryogenic method, the procedure will freeze fat in as little as an hour, destroying as much as 27% of the fat tissue in the targeted site. It’s important to keep in mind that, based on the extent of the region and complexity of the condition, many cycles may be necessary throughout each session. According to your objectives and the volume of fat to be addressed, many sessions can be necessary even though you will notice an improvement after just one.

Should you lose weight before fat freezing treatment?

This section seeks to dispel the myth that you must lose a few more kilograms prior to undergoing fat freezing procedures. Our doctors can relate to how patients think that by shedding weight before the treatment, it will enable you to appear considerably nicer when you have more healthy body weight. It is also understandable that patients would desire  the maximum possible return on your investment.

Losing weight prior to the treatment is not necessary, It is more important that patients combine the treatment with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle during and after the treatment. On the contrary, attempting to shed body weight prior to fat freezing may simply delay achieving your desired body figure and increase your out-of-pocket expenses. Applicators are crucial when undergoing fat freezing procedures. Most fat freezing devices offer  a variety of applicator sizes to suit different areas of the body being treated.

Who should go for fat freezing?

Only those seeking targeted fat loss in particular parts of the body and in great overall wellbeing without neurological or orthopedic issues may consider the procedure.

For those who are obese, fat freezing is not advised. Additionally, it shouldn’t be done on skin that has been wounded, burned, severely varicose, with dermatitis, as well as other skin problems. Additionally, those who exhibit excessive cold hypersensitivity should not do the procedure.

How much does fat freezing cost in Singapore?

One liposuction procedure can charge $3,500 in Singapore, compared to a single fat freezing therapy that may be priced around $300 – 600 per applicator . With  fat freezing therapies, be aware that it might require more than one  session to get the outcomes you want if you have a certain body structure or bigger body regions. For most people at least 3 sessions per area is usually required. 


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