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Melasma is distinguished by brown, blue-grey, or freckle-like patches on the body. It happens as a result of an excessive creation of the colour pigment cells. While topical creams and  lasers have been used traditionally to treat melasma, recent scientific research has shown that repair of the basement membrane is an important component in the treatment of melasma which can be addressed by Sylfirm X. Read on to find out more!


What is Sylfirm X?

The FDA has approved it as the very first repeated ultra-short pulse dualwave RF technology that uses a combination of continuous and pulsed wave for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions such as melasma, acne scars, rosacea, stretch marks, and pigmentation. It is also commonly used for skin tightening and rejuvenation. The latest breakthrough in this field using such an RP mechanism is Sylfirm X. In order to actively tackle excessive discoloration and vascular disease, it operates as though it is only addressing atypical tissues and vasculature.

A number of ailments, including pore shrinkage, wrinkles, swelling, acne damage, and lead to significant betterment in the consistency and look of the epidermal, have been shown to be entirely and properly treated by this newer version of Sylfirm, as per clinical research.


How Does it work?

By using dual wave RF technology, Sylfirm X targets and treats the dysfunctional vasculature that can lead to rosacea, melasma, and some mild epidermal discoloration. Multiple minuscule probes that can flow through the epidermal without inducing tissue degradation are used to create an electromagnetic flow of charge.

The physician will spread a thin layer of anaesthetic cream to the area prior to the melasma procedure. Throughout the course of the procedure, the microneedles are subsequently inserted into the tissue. As Sylfirm X inserts the needles delicately into the epidermis, you may experience slight irritation, but this is quite manageable relative to most micro-needling procedures.

There will be a noticeable decrease in the amount of stubborn pigmentation like melasma and age spots. As the underlying tissues of the epidermis are smoothed, you can anticipate observing less fine lines and wrinkles along with healthier and firmer skin after multiple sessions. Additionally, Sylfirm X procedures reduce capillary fragility and skin irritation. Rosacea patients will notice that their skin is less sensitive, with acne breakouts and  fewer skin redness.


Comparison with traditional laser treatments

Sylfirm X uses radio frequency (RF) innovation, which distinguishes it from laser therapy. Without affecting the epidermis, Sylfirm X addresses the underlying issue. It systematically congeals vasculature to effectively repair wounded epidermis.  Since laser treatment just focuses on the top layer of skin and doesn’t penetrate further, it is more appropriate for treating surface-level skin ailments. As melasma is an underlying skin ailment, it is challenging to cure with just the traditional laser therapy methods. Sylfirm X reinforces and restores the basement membrane and keeps melanin from penetrating further into inner skin layers, complementing laser treatments as a holistic approach to addressing melasma.

However, by integrating Sylfirm X with laser therapy, doctors can achieve excellent results for patients. While surface discoloration can be corrected with laser therapy, Sylfirm X shields the skin from the inside out. Without compromising nearby normal skin regions, Sylfirm X precisely restores afflicted epidermis tissues to repair the basement membrane. By addressing the underlying issue, this speeds up the recovery of melasma and lowers the likelihood of relapse.


What are the advantages of Sylfirm X in the treatment of melasma?


Repair of Basement Membrane

In melasma, the basement membrane of the skin is broken and disrupted. Hence, one of the key objectives in the treatment of melasma is to repair this basement membrane. Sylfirm X has a 300 micron mode setting that better targets the repair of the basement membrane which is not available in the original Sylfirm. Moreover, RF radiation is transmitted to the specified region using Sylfirm X. In order to achieve the best outcomes with enhanced efficiency, targeted thermal clotting is produced by inserting the defined precise level with probes that are uniform and equally spaced.


Lesser Downtime

Being an upgraded version of Sylfirm with better technology, it is able to deliver superior results with lesser downtime. Skin inflammation and minor redness are to be expected, but they should go away in two to three days. Following the procedure, the majority of patients are able to resume their regular routines. To heal the target area more effectively, your doctor might recommend a lotion. 


More Comfortable

As the Sylfirm X gold needles are finer, it is able to deliver treatments with more comfort and minimal pain. The majority of the time, this technique is discomfort-free. This is also because an anaesthetic cream is applied beforehand to ensure that the treatment is comfortable.

Patients could experience a slight tingling receptivity when the instrument comes into contact with their body. How this encounter feels can vary depending on the procedure’s intensity and location. Additionally, it may be determined by the settings necessary for the specific circumstance.


Faster Results

Depending on how damaged the skin is, the improvement and outcome of the procedures would vary. Following  just one round, patients ought to observe some progress. To attain larger and lengthy outcomes, the physician may suggest that patients undergo the procedure a few more times, each time with a 4-week hiatus.


NA Effect

The SYLFIRM X system’s integration of PW pulses and the NA effect provides targeted clotting with oscillating and non-enclosed needles for the restoration of impaired epithelial tissue while preserving the wellness of the surrounding tissue. This makes the epidermis stronger and aids in protecting it from age and discolouration.


Post Care Treatment

Individuals are generally given an epidermal ointment to apply throughout the first several days to reduce their likelihood of infection and skin pigmentation. Melasma can develop as a result of exposure to direct sunlight because UV rays from the sun activate the skin’s melanin receptors, which are responsible for giving the skin its colour. As a direct consequence, it’s crucial to use sunblock, take different precautions to stay out of the sun for as long as possible.



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