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How Sylfirm Can Help in Melasma Treatment

how sylfirm can help in melasma treatment

If you are looking for more answers on Sylfirm and melasma treatment in Singapore, you have come to the right place! Sylfirm is a recent addition to the suite of medical technology tools used in melasma treatment. It is an FDA-approved, Silicon Valley technology that delivers clinically proven results for melasma treatment.

Our doctors have years of experience in utilising medical-grade technology tools, with skilled craft and an eye for beauty to deliver results. With that, we would like to share some benefits of using Sylfirm to treat melasma. Regardless of whether you are our patient or a reader who is just passing by, do read on to find out more about Sylfirm and how it can help you solve your skin pigmentation concerns.

What is Sylfirm?

Sylfirm can deal with all kinds of skin concerns. It restores the skin’s basement membrane while also healing the abnormal blood vessels that cause melasma and pigmentation. Melasma, redness, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are all disorders that Sylfirm treats.

Sylfirm can strengthen and repair the skin’s basement membrane (the base layer of the skin). Read on to find out more.

How does Sylfirm work?

It uses SR3 (Selective Regional Regeneration Radio) Repeated Pulse (RP) technology, which reacts only to abnormal tissue membranes and blood vessels that contribute to pigmentation. Minimally invasive microneedle electrodes generate a therapeutic electromagnetic field of energy that safely penetrates the dermal layer.

By treating only abnormalities, the SR3 technology is able to normalize VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) overproduction and remodel the skin’s basement membrane, resulting in dermal rejuvenation. VEGF is a protein that stimulates the formation of blood vessels.

Most people have a weak skin basement membrane caused by sun exposure or ageing. If the basement membrane is weak, melanin pigment will move deeper into the skin, making the pigmentation harder to remove.

Remodelling the skin basement membrane (wall between the epidermis and dermis) prevents melanin pigment from moving deeper into the dermis. By solving the problem of abnormal blood vessels, Sylfirm minimizes their recurrence. This treatment stabilizes the epidermis, reforms the structure of vessels in the dermis, resulting in the regeneration of facial skin tissue.

Collagen production is increased, resulting in youthful-looking skin.

Is Sylfirm a laser?

Many patients ask if, Sylfirm is a laser. Sylfirm is not the same as a laser treatment, as it utilizes radiofrequency technology. Sylfirm treats the root cause without damaging the epidermis. It selectively coagulates vessels to safely heal damaged areas of the epidermis, and destroys only abnormal vessels, with no harm done to the complexion.

Melasma is difficult to treat as it is not a superficial skin condition. Sylfirm can be ideal more appropriate for treating melasma, as it strengthens and repairs the basement membrane, preventing melanin from migrating into deeper layers.

How can Sylfirm complement traditional laser treatments?

Patients can create synergies by combining Sylfirm treatments with laser treatments. Although laser treatment heals superficial pigmentation, Sylfirm protects the skin from within. Sylfirm restores the basement membrane by accurately repairing damaged skin cells, without affecting neighbouring healthy skin areas. This accelerates melasma treatment by targeting the root cause, decreasing chances of recurrence.

Additional benefits of Sylfirm for skin improvement

After Sylfirm treatment, you can observe smoother and more youthful skin as the treatment will stimulate collagen production. It is precise in targeting loose skin around the eyes, and eye bags. You will benefit from fewer acne outbreaks as the skin is less reactive due to a strengthened base layer. Reduced skin redness and broken capillaries also improve skin tone. Stubborn pigments and melasma are lightened, with any rosacea being reduced.

Sylfirm brightens skin tone, tightens pores, cures acne scars, fixes fine wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin.

Is the treatment painful?

Most patients will not feel much pain, as the level of discomfort is kept to a minimum.

Who is suitable for Sylfirm?

Everyone is suitable for Sylfirm, including tanned or dark-skinned individuals.

How many treatments do I need?

After 1 treatment, you can expect to see some results. Your doctor may recommend 5 sessions or more with adequate spacing in between, for optimal results.  

Is there any downtime?

There is hardly any downtime. Most patients can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment. 

How do I care for my skin post-treatment? 

It is crucial to protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen religiously. No sun tanning is allowed for 7 days. Do drink lots of water to keep your skin well hydrated. The doctor may prescribe other post-care instructions which are important to take note of.

What’s next? 

We hope this article gave you a better understanding of Sylfirm! It is ideal to work with an experienced doctor who can customize a Sylfirm treatment plan for your skin condition. Consult our warm, competent, and passionate Singapore – certified doctors at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic who have years of experience in treating melasma successfully.

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