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Stretch Marks Removal Singapore Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

stretch marks removal singapore

When our bodies undergo a fast and abrupt alteration, stretch marks may develop as a result of loss of weight, pregnancy, and puberty. The fibers in our epidermis continually elongate to accommodate as our bodies progressively evolve. Such a dramatic shift, however, has the potential to rip the intermediate skin barrier, leaving behind unattractive scarring that may be disfiguring. Stretch marks can emerge in a variety of ways, such as sunken grooves in the epidermis or bands of red, pink, purple, or silver. Stretch marks are generally painless and benign, but for certain individuals, particularly women, they can be a topic of concern and despair. A hectic woman may experience additional strain after giving birth, which may lower her self-esteem and confidence.

In this article, most burning questions regarding stretch mark removal in Singapore would be answered.

How Does it Work?

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we offer Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF along with the Korean REJU PN Collagen Booster Scar treatment, which uses PDRN to restore the epidermis, diminishing and eliminating stretch marks. 

Stretch markings typically coexist with drooping skin, thus the removal of stretch marks can be greatly enhanced by employing Long Pulsed NDYAG laser and skin tightening procedures as well. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. Usually, patients will then notice a steady and gradual reduction in the stretch mark, in addition to a decrease in the extent and depth of the stretch mark, a month after the procedure, when collagen synthesis typically starts. It even brings about numerous other advantages such as promoting skin tightening and smoother skin.

How Quickly Will I See the Result?

Some of our patients notice a reduction in their stretch marks as soon as 28 days following the first treatment but the majority will take about 3 months onwards to see more significant changes. Nevertheless, because the procedure of repairing stretch marks and stimulating collagen is gradual, our doctors encourage our patients to be patient and adhere to their treatment regimens. The complexity of every patient’s stretch marks, age, participation with at-home treatment, environment, for example, might also affect the outcome.

Typically, treatments are prescribed once a month. For the majority of our patients, it typically took 3-6 sessions to see the intended outcomes. However, please understand that every person’s experience will be different based on each individual’s skin condition, condition severity and the receptivity of the skin to the prescribed treatment.

What to Expect During the Treatment?

The essential initial appointment with one of our female doctors, Dr. Lim Luping or Dr. Grace Ling, marks the beginning of your experience with our clinic.

In the thorough 30-minute assessment, we’ll first analyze the extent of your stretch marks. We will be recording how long you’ve had them, where they are on your body, how deep they are, and how much of them there are. We will then make a record of any unusual health conditions you have had, such as drug reactions or prior operations, for example. Following that, we will then observe if your drooping skin is connected to your stretch marks. Several individuals possess loose and drooping skin, which enhances the look of the stretch marks. This situation may necessitate simultaneous therapy in order to achieve the best outcomes in reducing the look of your stretch marks.  In order to further tailor your stretch mark care plan, our doctors will also pay close attention to any prior drugs, topical creams, or procedures you could have undergone.

Lastly, a personalized stretch mark plan of action tailored to your considerations, requirements, finances, and timeline will be created for you. We will talk about your goals and thoroughly go over the potential courses of treatment for your specific ailment. Feel free to also voice any particular worries you may have regarding your stretch marks or the proposed course of action.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost each visit is determined on the target area and the required number of visits. The overall treatment package starts at $500 -$1000 depending on the technology used.

Why Choose Eeva for Stretch Mark Removal?

Our doctors, namely Dr Grace Ling and Lim Luping, who together have over four decades of clinical expertise in the fields of family practice and aesthetic medicine , are the medical directors of our Eeva Medical Stretch Mark Removal Clinic. They are aware of the tension and anxiety that stretch marks can bring on in both men and women as they commonly see patients who approach them for help getting rid of stretch marks on the thighs, hips, and stomach, particularly after giving birth or losing weight.

Most people have asked us about the best stretch mark treatments throughout the years. Our clinic is thrilled to announce that technological advances have improved and that we have now devised a client-centric clinical regimen to properly eliminate stretch marks, despite the fact that earlier targeted therapies had mixed results. We have found the combination of Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF technology and Korean transdermal PDRN to be generally effective. 


Even though we are adamant about getting results, our stretch mark removal clinic offers something beyond medical technologies and techniques. Our female doctors personally carry out all of our stretch mark removal procedures. We want to make sure you get the best care possible for your individual needs, preferences, budget, lifestyle, and requirements by offering you impartial and researched guidance. Call us to start your stretch mark removal journey!

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