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Dark eye circles / eye wrinkles / sunken tear trough is a frequent complaint which we encounter amongst our patients from even those who are as young as in their late teens to those who are in their 20s, 30s and older.

Dark eyes circle  is usually accompanied with eyebags, and the trough below the eyebags accentuates the shadowing under the eyes. The person is perceived to be tired with lack of sleep, there is a general sense of exhaustion, stress and also looks older. Thus those who suffer from this are perturbed by their appearance and this is a source of frustration and dismay. They are desperate for a permanent solution.

There are a number of factors contributing to dark eyes circle. Fatigue is a common cause especially in the younger patients who have packed and busy schedules, they frequently lack adequate sleep. This results in the eyes showing the strain giving them the “tired” and “lack-lustre” look.  Genetics is a factor and dark circles may be visible even at a young age which tends to worsen with age. Aging, is of course a factor that can aggravate dark eye circles with the presence of eyebags.

Although the eye area is a small part of the face, it requires meticulous treatment due to its anatomy and physiology. Just rejuvenating the eyes can make a big difference to your physical appearance.

We are excited to bring to you the Rejuran i (EYE) that has recently been launched in Singapore. [Rejuran Eye Renewal System] is an integrative, meticulous and holistic doctor designed treatment protocol especially to treat dark eye circles / eye wrinkles / sunken tear trough.

[REJURAN EYE Rejuvenation System] $699 is a 3 step East meets West treatment protocol consisting:

1) Rejuran i(EYE) -works on the DNA of the eye area to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate new collagen

2) Israeli Magnetic Pulse RF for the eye area -improves lymphatic drainage, skin tightening of the periorbital area that helps to lift sagging skin and also browlift

3) Combi 2-in-1 Laser Face and Eyes – deep collagen stimulation and skin brightening of the face and eye area

Our Dark Eyes Circle treatments are

1) Targeted REJURAN i (Eyes) for under eyes

This is a great solution for dark eyes circle and under eyes shadowing for those who desire procedures which are effective, safe and prefer non-invasive treatment options.

Rejuran i is a Korean-FDA and Singapore-HSA approved natural skin healer targeting the eye area. Rejuran i is an injectable with low viscosity yet highly concentrated with salmon Polynucleotides & DNA extract proven to rejuvenate your under eyes and dark eyes circle. The low viscosity allows minimal downtime and swelling post treatment. 

Benefits of Rejuran i ( for your EYEs)

a) Restoring smoothness and skin elasticity

b) Lightening and brightening of the under eyes skin tone

c) Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area

d) Improving hydration and water balance

e) Progressive volumizing of the under eyes hollowness. 

Rejuran has in the recent years taken Korea and the world by storm and hence many of our patients have switched from doing under eye fillers to rejuran treatments for the eye as it yields a more natural and long lasting result. 

Combining an Israeli-Korean Fusion approach, we harness the best methodologies of the east and west to deliver the most optimal results that our patients want! 

To start your own Rejuran Eye Rejuvenation treatment journey with us, please whatsapp us at 87263383 to book an appointment with our lady doctors, Dr Grace Ling or Dr Lim Luping. We look forward to meet you to have a detailed analysis of your dark eye circle and design a customised treatment plan suitable for you.  

What are the factors contributing to dark eye circles?
There are various causes that can result in dark eye circles. Some of the very common causes among our patients are :

  1. Fatigue / Lack of good quality sleep
  2. Stress
  3. Genetics
  4. Age
  5. Eye Strain – especially from frequently use of devices
  6. Allergies – especially those associated with allergic rhinitis and sinusitis
How does dark eyes circle form?
The eyelid skin is thin and transclucent, which allows the underlying blood vessels to be visible, resulting in the purple, bluish undertone seen as dark eyes circle. This is aggravated by lack of sleep which causes the veins to be congested and fluid retention to take place, making the color darker.

People who have a darker skin tone will also notice progressive darkening of the under eyes area as they get older due to increased pigmentation around the eyelids.

Natural facial bone structure also contribute to more prominent under eyes hollowness which causes shadowing and makes the under eyes appear darker.

Prominent eyebags due to genetics or aging result in under eyes tear trough hollowing which accentuates the shadowing below the eyebags.

How does Rejuran i work?
Rejuran i is a skin healer which has progressive skin reparative and regenerative effect. When injected into the skin, Rejuran i delivers concentrated Polynucleotides, DNA into the skin cells activating and accelerating cell repair and cell regeneration from deep within your skin.

The long chains of Polynucleotide(PDRN) DNA salmon extracts possess multiple benefits for the skin to rejuvenate the skin, reverse the aging process of the skin and is a natural skin lifter. The Rejuran i salmon PDRN extracts are highly purified, manufactured under strict conditions to guarantee its quality and grade  and hypoallergic, thus they are compatible to human skin and high suited for healing and rejuvenating your skin and areas around your eyes.

There is progressive collagen formation and remodelling in your skin, thus strengthening and thickening the skin structure overlying the blood vessels in the under eyes area, reducing the bloodshot color. Introducing Rejuran i into the tear trough hollows under the eyebags accomplishes progressive thickening of the skin structure. This hollowness gradually lifts due to the strengthening and thickening of the skin structure and progressive volumization takes place, creating a smoother and fuller contour between the under eyes and upper cheeks. This creates a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Rejuran i reduces the dark pigments in the under eyes area and lightens and enhances the fairness of  the skin color for greater radiance and luminosity.

Enhanced collagen and elastin formation reduces the fine lines and wrinkles in the under eyes, the skin is healthier, smoother and has greater elasticity.

Rejuran replenishes the water balance and the skin is more hydrated and supple.

What is the treatment process like?
Your Rejuran i Rejuvenation of dark eyes circle journey with us focuses on you, it begins with an all important consultation with our lady doctor. This detailed consultation is 30min, we will:

1. Analyse your eye area and overall skin and facial contours

2. Take note of your medical history such as history of eyes or nasal allergies, those conditions tend to cause itchiness and you may have been rubbing your eyes frequently causing dark eyes cirlce to form.

3. Take note of your lifestyle, habits as keeping late nights, regular alcohol consumption may result in dark eyes circle, lower eyelids swelling and eyebags.

4. Enquire for other aesthetics concerns which you may also have.

5. Previous aesthetics treatment done

6. Assess your eye area to confirm the actual under eyes condition you have

7. Engage you in the treatment plan to customize a treatment plan which is most suited to your condition, budget and expectation. We highly encourage you to have adequate sleep daily, adopt a heealthy lifestyle to complement the effects of the treatments.

Treatment Procedure:

To ensure you receive the maximum comfort during the procedure,

1.Application of topical numbing cream.

2.Cleansing of face to remove the numbing cream. Cooling gel pads to the area to be treated.

3.Microdroplets of Rejuran i are introduced into the superficial skin with a very fine and tiny needle(4mm long). The treatment is very comfortable.

4.If you prefer minimal downtime, Rejuran may be introduced using a cannula.

What is my post-treatment care ?
The microblebs/ swelling formed settles within 24h. You are able to apply your skincare within the same day. Application of makeup is possible the next day. Always ensure adequate sun protection with sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays.
When do I expect to seen results?
We know you are eager for quick visible results, some patients may experience results as quickly as within 2 weeks. They notice improved smoothness, hydration and lightening.

Rejuran i is a natural healer and filler. It effects rejuvenation through cell repair and regeneration. As collagen production starts 28 days after treatment, visible improvements are progressive, gradual and permanent. Each treatment builds on the previous treatment and with each session, the effects are further enhanced.

How many sessions do I require?
For optimal results, we recommend the Korean protocol of 4 treatments depending on the severity of your condition. As the effects of Rejuran i are progressive and cumulative, you will see progressive improvement in the eye area. Each treatment is performed 4 weeks apart. Maintanence is performed every 6 monthly depending on individual patient’s needs and expectations.
Focused Eye Detox Therapy?
A treatment consisting 3 steps

1. Israeli Radiofrequency with Magnetic Pulse treat to the eye area.

2. Korean Lymphatic drainage to improve the clearance of toxins and excess fluid congestion.

3. Eye brightening ampoule to lighten the dark circles.

Treatment Philosophy
We care enough to listen to you and each patient matters to us. We are not a mass market aesthetics outlet or spa so do not believe in hard-sell policies. Our doctors are down to earth, sensible and are sincere about delivering results you desire. We aim to give you unbiased and proven advice to ensure that you receive the most optimal treatment to suit your preferences, budget, schedule and needs.

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