Rejuran Aquabooster Acne Scar Healer System

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Looking for an affordable yet results-oriented protocol to remove your acne scars? We believe the reason why you are reading this page is likely that you or your loved ones are troubled about unsightly acne scars and genuinely seeking help. Our doctors, Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping care and empathize with patients suffering from acne scars as we are very aware that it can affect self-confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes social or even work-life can be affected.

Over the years, Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping have derived tremendous satisfaction from treating many patients who have sought help from us to remove unsightly and disfiguring acne scars that have affected their self-confidence and self-esteem. As doctors, it gives us great satisfaction to help a patient transform their “acne-scarred” skin as it not only transforms their outward appearance but also goes such a long way to improving self-esteem and confidence resulting in an improved social and work life.

If you have decided that this is the year that you want to make a commitment to get your acne scars treated, do read on to find how we can partner you in your journey towards scar-free skin!

Removing Acne Scars is our passion and special interest. We derive tremendous satisfaction from seeing our patients’ happy beaming faces as we journey with them in the transformation of their scar-damaged skin.

If you want to treat acne scars and cannot afford any downtime, then this fuss-free and “almost no downtime” way of treating acne scars is for you! Results can be seen for some patients in even as soon as after 1 single session! [Rejuran Aquabooster Acne Scar Healer System] is a scar treatment protocol using a creative active ingredient PDRN combined with scar improvement laser and subcision that works on your DNA can work to kick start your scar healing process and repair with no downtime. Rejuran is a Korean skin healer from Korean that is Korean-FDA approved, Europe CE-approved, and also Singapore HSA-approved.

Your journey with us will first start with the all-important and detailed consultation with our lady doctor, Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping.

As acne scar is a frequent aesthetic concern encountered by us as doctors on a daily basis, over the years many different kinds of acne scar treatment methods have been developed with success including laser therapies, fractional RF, subcision etc. Some of these methods though effect have been associated with varying degrees of downtime. Some of our patients are able to accept the downtime but a certain niche group of patients is not able to accept treatments with downtime due to work or social commitments. (eg C-level executives, sales industry, media industry, cabin crew etc)

We want you to able to smile and celebrate great skin again with new confidence in your new skin!

Definitely one of our patients’ favourites, our unique protocol [Rejuran Aquabooster Scar Healer System] $899 is a multi-step integrative protocol that comprises : 

  • 1 sessions of Scar Subcision
  • 1 Rejuran Acne Scar Healer (original full syringe of 2ml )
  • 1 Korean Aquabooster 1.5ml
  • 1 Neocollagen Laser (Scar Improvement Laser)
  • 1 Laser Toning

Our system will take care of healing your acne scars with no downtime! it is a lunchtime procedure suitable for anyone with acne scars but cannot afford any downtime.

Whatsapp 87263383 to schedule your appointment with our trained doctors, Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping to begin your scar removal journey today!

Can stubborn acne scars be treated?

Removing Acne Scars is our passion and forte. We understand how you feel. We empathize and we care. Your journey with us at our Acne Scar Removal Clinic will first start with the all-important and detailed consultation with our lady doctors, Dr Grace Ling or Dr Lim Luping.

In our detailed 30 min doctor consultation, we will:

  1. Analyse the severity of your acne scars – we will take note of the extent and the depth of the scars.
  2. Take note of your medical history including drug allergies or previous surgeries, whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding etc.
  3. Take note of whether you have active acne at the same time (some patients still have active acne which has to be treated concurrently whereas some patients’ acne condition has stabilised and no longer have active acne) – the treatment approach may be slightly different in each case.
  4. We will also take special note of previous medications/ skincare / treatments that you may have done before. This will help us to customise your acne scar treatment program better.
  5. You are also free to raise any unique concerns that you have about your skin, scars or treatment plan.
  6. During the consultation, our doctors will share with you realistic expectations that can be achieved through the treatment protocols.
  7. Finally, a customised Scar Treatment Plan will be designed for you to suit your concerns, needs, budget and schedule.
  8. Each and every patient is important to us at our Acne Scar Removal Clinic. Each patient is personally consulted by our doctor and not by a therapist or non-medical consultant. Each individual’s scar and skin condition is different and unique. But the scar transformation journey takes time. Avail your time to allow us to understand you and your skin so that an optimal program can be customised for you. Take the first step with us in your journey towards a scar and blemish-free skin today. 🙂

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What is Rejuran Aquabooster Acne Scar Healer?
We are so excited to announce to you that Rejuran is a quantum leap in the way we are treating acne scars! This creative skin technology is a product manufactured in Korea that is compatible with human skin and contains DNA extracts (from salmon) that work at the DNA level of your skin to heal and repair both new and old acne scars. Some extra good news to add is that this method of treating acne scars can have almost no downtime and will not interfere with your work or social life. Additional benefits that you can achieve from this acne scar treatment is a very natural lift of your skin, increased smoothness, elasticity, and glow! This novel ingredient even reverses aging and restores youth and it is commonly referred to as many parts of Asia as the miracle 婴儿针 (Youth Injection)!
We combine Rejuran Pdrn with hyaluronic acid to enhance its effects in scar repair and collagen stimulation in our doctor-developed protocol and integrate it with subcision and Scar Improvement 2-in-1 Laser Therapy.

Our unique protocol [Rejuran Scar Healer System] $899 is a multi-step integrative protocol that comprises : 

  • 1 sessions of Scar Subcision 
  • 1 Rejuran Acne Scar Healer ( original full syringe of 2ml ) 
  • 1 Neocollagen Laser ( Scar Improvement Laser) 
  • 1 Laser Toning

Our system will take care of healing your acne scars with minimal to no downtime!

We have decided to take time to compile detailed (as far as possible) answers to questions that patients have frequently asked about Rejuran here as many of you reading this may likely be asking similar questions. We hope that our answers and explanations here will be able to address your queries about Rejuran Skin Healer. We assure you that we will do our very best to help you. Do whatsapp us at 87263383 to book an appointment with our lady doctors, Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping or if you have additional questions. We look forward to meet you to have a detailed analysis of your acne scars and design a customised Acne Scar Treatment plan suitable for your needs, concerns, budget, and schedule!

How does Rejuran heal Acne Scars?

Rejuran can heal your acne scars by acting as a skin healer which also has progressive skin filler effect. When injected into the skin, Rejuran delivers polynucleotides, DNA and RNA into the skin cells, stimulating and accelerating cell repair, and regeneration of new cells from deep within the skin. Thus strengthening and thickening the skin structure, improving the appearance and reducing the depth of acne scars. The DNA introduced repairs to the skin from deep within. Additionally, it also reverses the process of aging and restores youthfulness to your facial appearance and complexion. We are pleased to inform you that Rejuran Skin Healer is Korean FDA-approved, Europe CE-approved and Singapore HSA-approved.

The evident benefits that will be delivered to your skin are:

  1. Healthy, supple, smooth skin
  2. Enhanced elasticity
  3. Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Firmness and lift
  5. Refined facial pores
  6. Visibly fairer complexion
  7. Recovery of skin balance
  8. Hydrated and moisturised skin texture
  9. Improved oil control
Why is there a need to inject DNA into our skin?
Acne can cause disfiguring scars to the skin. In addition, the natural process of aging, environmental pollution, harmful UV sun exposure, poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, late nights, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, result in accelerated skin DNA damage. The damaged DNA retards the repair rate of the skin causing the skin to age.

By introducing Rejuran Acne Scar Healing injections into the skin cells, the DNA introduced repairs the skin from deep within resulting in repair of the acne scars and reversal of skin aging and damage.

What is the Rejuran Acne Scar treatment procedure like?

Our goal is to enable you to smile confidently in front of the camera again!

At our clinic, our doctors Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping have created our unique protocol for a no downtime acne scar treatment procedure is to use the subcision method of breaking existing acne scars using a cannula. Subsequently, we introduce Rejuran Acne Scar Healing injections as micro-droplets into the skin to stimulate remodeling of the scar and collagen regeneration.

Your comfort and needs are our priority.

Each session of the [Rejuran Acne Scar Healer System] involves :

  1. Topical application of numb cream to minimize discomfort and pain
  2. Facial cleansing
  3. Scar Improvement Laser (neocollagen laser)
  4. Laser Toning
  5. Subcision of scars
  6. Introduction of Rejuran Skin Healer into the skin for scar healing
  7. Post treatment application of calming gel and sunblock.

Our basic program usually consists of 4 sessions is done about one month apart. The majority of our patients see results as early as after 1 session single. Results can vary between individual patients depending on each patient’s scar severity, age, compliance with homecare, lifestyle etc. Results significantly improve and build up progressively and synergistically with each subsequent session. We have seen many patients beam with smiles and joy with each subsequent visit. This has brought tremendous satisfaction to our work as doctors treating their acne scars. We are also most delighted to hear stories from patients about positive comments from family and friends about their new skin 🙂

Does Rejuran treatment for acne scars have downtime?
From none to minimal downtime treatment of acne scars using Rejuran, our doctor will use the subcision method coupled with Rejuran injection into the scar area. Your work and social life will not be affected.
What is the post treatment care I need to take note of?
You can continue to apply your regular skincare products on the same day of treatment. The application of makeup is possible the next day. Of course, suncare is strongly advised.
Is Rejuran safe?
Be assured that research has shown that till date, Rejuran is compatible with human skin and it does not trigger negative immune response. Therefore there is very low incidence of allergy and is free of side-effects. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
When do I expect to see results?
We understand that having lived with disfiguring acne scars for a long time, many of our patients are eager, expectant and impatient for quick and instant results! However, we need to work with the science and cycle of the skin. We advise patients to be patient and persevering in the program and want to assure you that the progressive results will be eventually be seen.

Results for subcision of acne scars and Rejuran injection can usually be seen after 6 to 8 weeks after the 1st session. This is because Rejuran has both short term and long term effects on scar healing and treatment. The initial effects that patients frequently notice will be smoothness, hydration and glow of the skin. Collagen production usually starts 1 month after the treatment procedure and the patient will then notice gradual and progressive improvement in the scar appearance, reduction in depth and severity of acne scars.

As the best results are seen with about minimum 4 treatments, progressive sessions of Rejuran will further enhance the scar healing and collagen stimulation effects of previous sessions.

How many sessions do I require?
As the effects of Rejuran Scar Healer on the skin are cumulative with each injection, we highly recommend a series of 4 treatments done once a month for best and optimal results on acne scar improvement.  If for some reason you are unable to come on schedule, do not worry, you can discuss with our doctor for a recommended program to suit your schedule.
What rejuvenation and regeneration benefits can Rejuran do for your skin?

Being a creative and smart natural skin filler and healer that works on the DNA level, Rejuran has multiple benefits and uses for the skin :

  1. Progressively increases the volume of cheeks, nasolabial depression, temple areas
  2. Dark eye circles
  3. Pore reduction
  4. Wrinkle and fine line reduction for
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Around the eyes
  • Around the mouth
  • Necklines

*Being totally different from traditional and conventional fillers, Rejuran can even be injected around the areas of the face which may be difficult or dangerous to treat with fillers.

Acne Scar Treatment is an area that Rejuran produces proven and positive results. Patients with depressed or atrophic Acne scars are benefiting tremendously from this treatment, due to its powerful regenerative property to lift and fill. They have noticed their scars are smaller and lifted, there is marked improvement in their skin texture, smoothness, smaller pores, and less oily skin. Rejuran Scar Healer can also be combined with our Signature Nano-fractional RF scar reduction treatment. You can read more about it HERE

Can Rejuran be combined with other Acne Scar treatments?
Yes! As Rejuran is a very safe treatment with no downtime or side-effects, it is the perfect combination to many of our other acne scar treatment procedures eg Nano-fractional RF, aqua skinboosters, etc

For patients who have higher expectations or requirements for acne scar treatment (whether for personal, social, or career reasons) or who may have had treatments done previously before, we are always on hand to discuss even more bespoke options to meet your unique concerns and needs. Do feel free to chat with our doctors to see what can be done for your concerns.

Whatsapp  87263383 to book and appointment to schedule your Acne Scar treatments.

Our Treatment Philosophy
Our Eeva Medical Acne Scar Treatment Clinic is, however, more than just medicines, creams or high-tech procedures although we strongly believe in delivering results. Our doctors believe that acne scar treatment need a holistic approach and we care enough to walk the journey with you. Medications, cream and machines are only tools in the holistic care of the patients that require acne treatments. We care enough to listen to your concerns and will work with you to devise a plan suitable for your preferences, schedule and budget. Our practice is intimate and cosy – you can trust us to handle your concerns with confidentiality and professionalism and you have our assurance that we will do our best to help you.

We care enough to listen to you and each patient matters to us. We are not a mass-market aesthetics outlet or spa so do not believe in hard-sell policies. Our doctors are down to earth and sensible and are passionate about delivering results. We aim to give you unbiased and proven advice to ensure that you receive the most optimal treatment to suit your preferences, budget, schedule, and needs.


Professional Doctors who Care. Our doctors have a collective experience of more than 40 years in medical and aesthetic practice – they are sensible and down to earth doctors with the heart of family physicians. We care both about the patient holistically as well as delivering results. Our doctors have seen many patients though various seasons of their life’s journey.

We use clinical treatments that have been administered successfully in many Korean aesthetic treatment clinics.
Not a mass market outlet – clinical treatments are customized to each patient’s preferences, needs, schedule and budget.
Accurate diagnosis of scar problems so targeted and effective clinical treatment can be administered.
Private and confidential – we have private rooms especially dedicated to clinical scar treatment for maximum comfort and privacy.
Painless, non-invasive, no downtime, affordable.
Conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar Mrt. Easy accessibility from all parts of Singapore.

Our clinical team constantly updates our clinical acne scar treatment protocols and aim to deliver the most effective results to our patients.

You have our assurance that our clinic practises strict hygiene and sanitisation measures.

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