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Our doctors believe that machines and procedures are only tools in the holistic care of the patients. You can trust us to handle your concerns with confidentiality and professionalism. We will listen to each and every one of our patients and none are to be left out. Our aesthetic clinic does not believe in hard-sell policies. We are down-to-earth, sensible and are passionate about delivering results. We also strive to provide unbiased and proven advice to ensure the best treatment that accommodates your preferences, budget, schedule and needs.

We are able to empathise with our patients’ concerns over their aesthetic well-being and physical insecurity. At Eeva, our patients’ worries and concerns are meticulously assessed and approached. Our aesthetic clinic assures that we anchor our practices to our core values, integrity, ethics, and patient safety. We assuage your worries by ensuring that your concerns are comprehensively taken care of.

Dr Lim Luping

Medical Director

MBBS (Singapore)
Grad Dip (FP) Derm

About Dr Lim
Dr Lim is an approachable and dedicated doctor. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery degree. Subsequently, she achieved her Graduate Diploma (FP) Dermatology from the National University of Singapore.

Her rich experiences in Surgery, Orthopaedics, Emergency, Internal medicine and Paediatric Emergency in her early years have cultivated her passion for family practice and medical aesthetics today.

Dr Lim has made positive impacts and seen numerous patients’ soaring confidence after seeking treatment with her. The sense of accomplishment gives her the strength to continue her practice in medical aesthetics. Dr Lim resonates deeply with her patients and strives to help them feel great about themselves by the end of the day.

In the course of her work, Dr Lim witnessed how skin problems like acne, scarring, pigmentation and ageing skin affected her patients’ confidence. Her encounters with older patients who wished for youthfulness and a fresher outlook gave Dr Lim the drive to help them gain back their confidence and poise. It was then she saw the importance and benefit of medical aesthetics.

As a sufferer of teenage acne and acne scars, she keeps herself invested and interested in acne treatments. Due to past occurrences of having bad skin herself, Dr Lim greatly identifies with her patients. She also prioritises her patients’ welfare and relishes in customising aesthetic treatments that generate the best enhancements and outcome for them. She is well-established as a doctor with exemplary dedication in her field, with wholehearted beliefs in harnessing non-invasive and safe procedures to rejuvenate her patients.

Dr Lim is versed in handling acne, acne scars, non-surgical enhancement of the face, procedures which reverse the ageing face, slimming and weight management in ladies and men. She has also acquired certificates of competence in Botox, Fillers, IPL, Laser and chemical peels. As a medical doctor, Dr Lim harnesses medically approved, minimally invasive, effective and safe technology and aesthetic procedures that help her patients attain their desired appearance. She advocates fine and precise enhancements for an attractive yet natural appearance.

Dr Lim and Dr Grace are both founders of an award-winning skincare line. This skincare line is the successful out-turn from Dr Lim’s pursuit for effective and light-textured skincare. The products are also highly ideal for Singapore’s humid climate that aids in oil-control, refinement of enlarged pores, prevention of clogged pores and smooth skin.

Dr Lim is happily married with two lovely sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, art, design and travelling.

Dr Grace Ling

Medical Director

MBBS (Singapore)
Grad Dip (FP) Derm

About Dr Grace
Dr Grace Ling – or Dr Grace graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. She worked in various hospital disciplines including internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, ENT, Accident and Emergency. She has also invested one and a half years in medical community work for Touch Community Services, pioneering a home-medical service to the needy elderly in Singapore.

After years of serving the community, Dr Grace joined the private sector as a general practitioner and garnered experiences from a variety of corporate medical practices. Filled with passion, Dr Grace devoted herself entirely to her patients, actively integrating both medical aesthetics and wellness early on in her work as a general practitioner, treating patients with various skin conditions like acne, melasma, and pigmentation.

Being meticulous and attentive to details, Dr Grace characterises her work with safe, non-invasive, clinically-proven treatments. It ensures that her patients’ welfare remains a priority. She is always keen to accommodate in accordance with their needs. It is also not surprising to see her form an eventual friendship with her patients!

Passionate about her work in medical aesthetics, she obtained a Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology, enhancing her expertise as a doctor in a field and service she is passionate about. Dr Grace also acquired certificates of competence in botox, dermal fillers, IPL, laser and chemical peels.

Along with her special interests in acne scar removal treatment, acne treatment, stretch mark removal treatment, pigmentation treatment, skincare formulations, and aesthetic concepts, Dr Grace is also proficient in chemical peels, Botox, fillers, IPL, lasers. She utilises these tools as part of a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. With additional experience in facial contouring, slimming, and body contouring, this means that you can be sure of approaching her regardless of your skin issues.

Dr Grace also co-founded an award-winning skincare line after many years of looking for the “perfect potion” in hopes of achieving flawless skin for herself during her youth.

Outside the clinic, Dr Grace likes to spend time with her husband and her two energetic sons. She also enjoys travelling, reading, swimming and shopping! A strong advocate of work-life balance, Dr Grace believes in sowing time, energy and resources into our future generation for a common brighter future.

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Our team of medical aesthetic therapists are experienced and highly skilled in medi-facial therapy treatments that complement our doctors’ procedures to achieve the best outcome for you and ensure high satisfaction. They are passionate about their craft, caring, attentive to details and your needs. Their warm and personable nature allows them to establish a great rapport with you. Guided by our doctors, equipped with excellent skills, be assured to be your confident best.

Our Holistic and Personalised
approach to treatments comprises

Proven in-clinic treatments & protocols

Personalised skincare / haircare

Clinically approved medications / supplements

This 3-step comprehensive approach ensures optimal results in your personal enhancement journey with us!

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