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Mini Facelift: What Is It And Should You Get It

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Thinking about getting a mini face-lift? Nowadays, folks who wish to achieve a fresh appearance with far less aesthetic treatment frequently choose a mini facelift. It might be the solution for individuals who want to appear and feel younger once more. Everyone ought to be aware of these prior to choosing one because it has advantages and drawbacks. Contrary to its term, the surgery comes with risk, and there are a few issues to think about. This article will explain what a facelift in Singapore and mini face-lift entails and whether it is the right choice for you.

What Is A Mini Facelift?

An aesthetic interventional technique called a face-lift elevates and constricts drooping skin on the cheeks and neck to give the patient a neater, younger-looking feel. A narrower cut and reduced removal of the basal layer characterises a mini face-lift, a variant of the operation. A mini facelift focuses mostly on the middle portion of the face, treating problems such as creases, drooping cheeks, and loosened skin below the chin or jawline. Mini facelifts are also quicker and safer as compared to complete facelifts, need reduced downtime afterwards, and are typically cheaper. These are both invasive treatment options that employ cuts to lift droopy skin by removing it and removing excess tissue.

A small facelift is nevertheless a significant aesthetic operation irrespective of its moniker. Age-related extra or loose skin from the face, neck, and jaw can be removed during the treatment, which normally lasts between one to one and a half hours. The surgery causes no apparent bruising by making cuts behind the ears in the creases that naturally exist there or along the scalp. It may be paired with liposuction that can replace the removed facial proportion, and is often conducted under local anaesthesia.

Who Is The Best Candidate For Mini Facelift?

Individuals who fit the following criteria or display the following traits should consider a mini facelift.

1. Unhappy with your looks

Because of ageing, you don’t like the appearance of your face. The collagen in your skin weakens as you get older, which causes your skin to droop. Despite the fact that this is typical, numerous individuals, particularly women, find it uncomfortable. Mini facelifts are the ideal solution for a variety of problems, including jowls at the cheeks, lost jaw structure, and drooping tissue. Nowadays most midface problems can be resolved with a minor facelift. This is a fantastic strategy for improving self-esteem. You might benefit greatly from a minor facelift.

2. Lesser downtime

You must recuperate from the operation as soon as possible. Recovery following a thorough facelift can frequently require several weeks. Mini facelifts, on the other hand, enable significantly quicker healing. Patients who have undergone mini facelifts also claim that they are considerably more affordable and lead to a far more organic-looking appearance.

3. More risk-averse

You are searching for a less dangerous option to a complete makeover. Just under 2% of facelifts develop difficulties, making them extremely safe procedures. Mini facelifts, though, are much safer as they are quicker and far less intrusive. A small facelift is a wonderful option if you desire to decrease the likelihood of repercussions. General anaesthesia is frequently used for complete facelifts, which several individuals find to be extremely frightening. Anaesthesia is not necessary for a small facelift, only local anaesthetics and sedatives.

4. Late 40 to early 50 years old

For a mini facelift, the above age bracket is appropriate. Usually, obtaining a minor facelift earlier in life saves you money on a far more extensive facelift down the road. This is because prior to them worsening, you can tackle issues such as jowls and drooping tissue. The final product will appear more organic and make the alteration less obvious.

What Are The Procedures In A Mini Facelift?

You and your doctor will first choose the appropriate anaesthetic method for your treatment, be it local or general. Before making narrow cuts near the hairline and behind the ears, anaesthesia and surface soothing cream are typically administered. The lower skin layers would then be moved via tugging and raising them, and any extra material that is not required would then be removed. Your jawline and chin’s surrounding region will constrict, smoothen, and complement your face’s original contour. The cuts will subsequently be stitched shut.

In addition to the mini facelift, patients frequently choose to get dermal fillers and injectables. You will have comprehensive facial revitalization from them, so it may be worthwhile to think about.

Risks and Side Effects Of A Mini Facelift

Lower risks are involved with a mini facelift compared with the conventional Face Lift. Anticipate some minor inflammation, soreness, and pain as it is still an invasive operation. Such negative impacts usually disappear rapidly. Although some individuals’ side symptoms go away within a few days, others may need a week.

We advise you to abstain from cigarettes a month before the operation and for another month following it, as well as to cease using blood thinners. Prior to implementing adjustments to your prescriptions, always consult with your doctor.

Mini Facelift vs Nonsurgical Options

There is wonderful news for anyone who is hesitant to undergo an invasive face-lifting operation. Prior until today, individuals who wanted a facelift to treat particular aging conditions could only do so through operations. Nowadays, it’s not the case.

With many efficient non-surgical face lifting therapy options available to address aging-related concerns. Such non-invasive face-lifting treatments are effective substitutes for invasive face-lifting treatments and attempt to reduce the signs of ageing. Since these alternatives can also result in obvious uplifting, strengthening, and benefits to the skin’s quality, patients prefer them. Additionally, these procedures generally take one hour and require minimal to no downtime. Some of these procedures are as listed below.

Best Options To Treat Sagging Skin

1. REJU PN Collagen Booster

REJU PN Collagen Booster is a cosmetic filler that also gradually cushions the inside of the skin. REJU PN Collagen Booster is a substance that, whenever administered into the epidermis, releases polynucleotides, DNA, and RNA into the epidermis, promoting and boosting deep-skin cell renewal and restoration while also reinforcing and extending the skin barrier function. Your facial features and skin regain vitality, and the effects of aging are reversed.

It is a great alternative for improving skin elasticity, suppleness, and uplifting without surgery. It can also tighten skin. Additionally, you’ll see that larger pores are less noticeable, offering your face a radiant, glossy appearance.

Several people see improvements in their moisture, softness, and shine as soon as two weeks after treatment! The skin keeps benefitting from the solution, and after 4 weeks, the skin will improve even more. Patients have reported enhanced moisture, suppleness, decreased tiny wrinkles, and glowing complexion. Generally, there are youthful regeneration and ageing correction advantages. REJU PN Collagen Booster differs substantially from conventional fillers because it is an organic filler. 28 days following the therapy, collagen formation begins, and the uplifting is moderate and continuous. Every session improves on the session before it, restoring facial features and uplifting them in an incredibly comfortable way.

REJU PN Collagen Booster can be successfully paired with several other cosmetic procedures including HIFU, CFU, Skinboosters, Aquashine, nano-Fractional RF, Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF, Botox, and Combi 2-in-1 laser therapies to match your objectives and targets with little inconvenience or adverse reactions. Your requirements, fears, finances, and timeline will all be taken into consideration when our doctors have a thorough conversation with you to create a plan.

2. Eeva Triple Ultrasound Waterdrop Tx Gold Cellular Therapy

Eeva Triple Ultrasound Waterdrop Tx is a double-frequency ultrasonic system that can switch across different components approximately 500 times per second via combining frequencies as high as 10 MHz into a single Eeva Triple Ultrasound Waterdrop Tx pulse. In the device, there will be 2 potential pulse pairings: ultrasonic waves with frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz and 3 and 10 MHz. These hybrid waves create unique pressure gradients in the tissue that affect connecting healthy tissue and external tissues. Eeva Triple Ultrasound Waterdrop Tx is a non-surgical, effective solution for skin rejuvenation, crease removal, skin architecture enhancement, and promotion of endogenous hyaluronic acid synthesis. It also improves skin uniformity and suppleness while minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

It may have a significant impact on the action of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), which regulate the metabolic activity of the epidermis and influence the synthesis of heat shock proteins (HSPs), which are essential for the effective preservation of cells. Additionally, they have the ability to alter the amount of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the epidermis, which enhances the turgidity and hydration of cells. These biochemical elements (MMPs, HSPs, and HA) are crucial to current skin-related and anti-ageing research. Their appropriate regulation is thought to be essential for successful skin-related and cosmetic therapies. The ideal outcomes are obtained when MMPs, which can promote the formation of new collagen, are simultaneously modulated and collagen synthesis via fibroblasts is stimulated. Proper protein processing is made possible by HSP molecules, a mechanism that is noticeably slowed down in ageing skin. The main function of HA synthesis is to maintain the moisture and flexibility of the skin. A targeted modification of any of these factors can drastically enhance skin look and therefore lessen indications of ageing.

3. Ultracel Q+ HIFU

The latest generation HIFU is a fantastic non-surgical facelift technique in Singapore that doesn’t require any downtime. In this ground-breaking development in advanced medical therapy, targeted ultrasonic thermal conduction is used to lift and reinforce the facial and collar skin to provide a much more prominent, fresh-faced, and cleaner cheek contour. The straight and cursor phases that generate either immediate or long-lasting effects are available on the 4th Gen HIFU.  It has the additional benefits of pore constriction, skin tone brightening, and rejuvenation because it incorporates the new HIFU method.

This non-invasive method protects the epidermis, the topmost layer of the skin, by allowing substantial and constant thermal infusion through into tissue at levels varying from 4.5mm, 3.0mm, and 2.0mm to stimulate collagenous constriction, firmness & remodelling, and collagen formation. In return, the SMAS eventually evolved into a sturdy arrangement, constricting, elevating, and bolstering the face. This device can cut fat around the jawbone while also dissolving unwanted fat. As the SMAS stratum can no longer support the cheek tissues, fat, and dermis, it loses a portion of its firmness as it matures. When combined with the force of gravity and extrinsic factors, the cheeks, eyelids, jowls, and neck sag and lose their youthful energy. This approach more successfully targets such physical degradation and sagging skin by targeting the SMAS stratum.

Unlike standard Hifu, which often requires one to three months to demonstrate results, Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm Innovation can show results right away after a clinical encounter and gradually make things better over the subsequent three months. Additional benefits include skin whitening, pore control, reduced facial inflammation, and fat burning. Please be aware that every patient’s results may vary depending on their ailment’s intricacy, genealogy, and lifestyle behaviour. 

4. CFU Elife

This is a Italian innovation which delivers hifu ultrasonic waves in a different way to achieve non-surgical face lifting. The eyes and neck can be also lifted at the same time using this technology. CFU Elife using EASYZOOM and EASYFLOW technology to deliver ultrasonic waves to the precise depth to cause lifting of the skin, skin tightening and also increase skin elasticity and fitness. The skin is rejuvenated without downtime with minimal discomfort. This procedure can be completed relatively quickly in about 20-30 min. 


There are pros and cons of either choosing invasive and non-invasive treatments for face lifting. The treatment method you choose will depend on your comfort and ought to be thoroughly addressed with your doctor to see if the treatment procedure can meet your desired expectations. Prior to selecting to receive a face-lifting procedure in Singapore, we believe that this guide has provided you with the complete answers you require. Whatever you decide, the Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic can assist you in getting the youthful and more supple look that you seek. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn further.

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