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Maskne Treatment Singapore: A Quick Guide

a guide to maskne treatment
a guide to maskne treatment

It is now a habit to wear a mask during work and play to protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus. However, many of us started experiencing acne breakouts around our nose, mouth, and chin. 

Maskne refers to mask-induced acne. For medical professionals, this symptom is not unfamiliar. 

We believe that you should have beautiful skin you feel good in, no matter what the situation is. Read on to find out more about maskne treatment. 

What causes maskne? 

The friction between your mask and your skin causes a condition called acne mechanica

This is a form of acne triggered by friction that causes irritation and inflammation, leading to clogged pores and acne cysts. It breaks down the protective skin barrier that protects skin against bacteria and keeps it hydrated. Mask wearing also enables bacteria to thrive in a moist and warm environment.

Such conditions result in the formation and exacerbation of acne. 

Can maskne go away on its own? 

Here are some steps that you can take if you are suffering from mild maskne: 

1. Invest in multiple masks 

Frequently change the mask you are wearing. Look for lightweight fabrics like silk that are not as abrasive against your skin. Wash your mask frequently to reduce dirt and bacteria that linger on the fabric. 

2. Wash your face no more than twice a day 

Look for a gentle wash that will not dry out your skin, and suits your skin type. Do not wash your face for more than twice a day as it may lead to dry skin, which worsens acne. Find a mild facial cleanser with ingredients such as acne-fighting salicylic acid or antibacterial benzoyl peroxide. Ask your doctor to recommend medical-grade skincare if you’re not sure which cleanser works best. 

3. Avoid heavy makeup or greasy lotions 

In general, avoid any oil-based skincare products. They will increase the risk of irritation and breakouts. Always look for the word “non-comedogenic” on the label, which means that it will not cause acne. 

4. Always moisturize before wearing a mask 

Find a water-based, lightweight moisturizer. Moisturizing creates a barrier that protects your skin from bacteria, and prevents dryness and itchiness. 

Are there home remedies which can help maskne?

Differin is the latest OTC retinol-based gel in the market that has been proven effective for mild acne cases. It is widely available in pharmacies. 

Research has also shown that oral and topical probiotics can help to treat acne by promoting a healthy gut. 

Just because your lower face isn’t public, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate acne, pimples, and irritation. It’s best to consult a doctor who can recommend medical-grade skincare based on your unique skin type and needs. If left untreated, acne can leave scars.

When should I seek professional help for Maskne Treatment?

You should seek expert medical help if you have tried all of the above home remedies and lifestyle changes, but the maskne is not going away. You may feel that your mental state is being affected by the appearance of unsightly and painful acne. 

In particular, if you start to get painful, throbbing cystic acne, consult a doctor immediately. You will need stronger treatments like topical antibiotics to kill off any bacteria and reduce inflammation. Cystic acne is not easy to treat, so don’t wait too long to visit a doctor.  

In-clinic options available for Maskne Treatment 

Our team complies with the government’s COVID-19 protocols to ensure your safety when you come in for a clinic visit. If you have maskne, our medical doctors will examine your skin and recommend therapies, such as oral medications or skin treatments. 

Here are some doctor-designed treatments that get rid of maskne effectively: 

Schedule an acne treatment consultation 

Don’t suffer silently under your mask. Get your acne under control at the Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Contact our warm and competent medical professionals now. 

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