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Introducing REJU PN Collagen Booster and How It Puts the Glow in Your Skin!

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What is Rejuran?
Clinical studies of REJU PN Collagen Booster haves shown that it produce visible results and can rejuvenate skin in a natural and long-lasting way. Its popularity has skyrocketed amongst our patients over the years with treatment that boasts natural yet progressive and long-lasting effects. The results of REJU PN Collagen Booster are so versatile that it can either be a standalone treatment or used to complement other aesthetic procedures to accomplish better, more enhanced effects.

What are the types of REJU PN Collagen Booster available in Singapore?
There are a few variations of REJU PN Collagen Booster available here, each with its own distinguishable purposes. Our doctors at Eeva Medical Aesthetic will analyse and develop the most suitable form of treatment in accordance with your specific concerns.

REJU PN Collagen Booster HB (Hydro Boost) enhances skin regeneration, hydrates and helps repair the skin.
Eeva REJUE Polynucleotide Eye Rejuvenation (Eye) injects the radiance back into your eyes, safely alleviates the loathsome appearance of dark eye circles that gives you the overall youthful appearance.
Eeva REJUS Polynucleotide Scar Repair (Scars) treats and alleviates depressed and sunken acne scars by volumising the depressed area and remodels the skin.

What are the benefits?
This treatment not only uplifts skin elasticity and firmness, it also hydrates and boosts skin rejuvenation. This has also helped in achieving fairer and smoother complexions, controlling oil on faces and mitigating the visibility of unsightly pores.

How soon can we see the results?
Results may arrive quickly within 2 weeks, such as smoothness, glow, and a significant improvement in hydration. The treatment also witnesses continual improvements of the skin after a month.

Will there also be side-effects from usage?
Commonly experienced side effects may include temporary redness, red marks and needle bumps straight after treatment. These side effects frequently diminish after 2 to 3 days.

How many sessions do I require?
We recommend an ideal protocol of 4 doses since more prominent results of the treatment derive from progressive treatments. Each dose is administered about 4 weeks apart. This series of treatments can be repeated every 9 -18 months in accordance with our patients’ requirements and expectations.

Is the treatment suitable for both male and female users?
Yes, it is recommended and suitable for both genders.

How much does it cost?
At Eeva, our REJU PN Collagen Booster treatments are priced at $550+, depending on our patient’s wants and needs.
Glow up and achieve a smooth complexion with REJU PN Collagen Booster today! Call us now at 9457 9225.

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