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The reason why you are likely reading this page is that you have been seeking an effective solution to remove stretch marks.

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we understand and we care about delivering results to you. Our doctors have especially designed  an affordable doctor-performed targeted and focused Stretch Mark Removal Program using FDA-approved technology to get rid of stretch marks. It is suitable for both old and new stretch marks.

Key Benefits of our Stretch Mark Removal Treatment :

Reduced laxity of skin surrounding stretch marks

Reduction of depth of stretch marks

Smoother appearance of skin

Remodelling of stretch mark scars with collagen stimulation

Professional Doctors who Care. Our doctors have a collective experience of more than 40 years in medical and aesthetic practice – they are sensible and down to earth doctors with the heart of family physicians. We care both about the patient holistically as well as delivering results. Our doctors have seen many patients though various seaons of their life’s journey.

We use clinical treatments that have been administered successfully with results down through the years.

Accurate diagnosis of stretch mark problems so targeted and effective clinical treatment can be administered

Painless, non-invasive, no downtime, affordable
Not a mass market outlet – clinical treatments are customized to each patient’s preferences, needs, schedule and budget

Private and confidential – we have a private room especially dedicated to clinical stretch mark treatment for maximum comfort and privacy.

You have our assurance that our clinic practises strict hygiene and sanitisation measures.
Conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar Mrt. Easy accessibility from all parts of Singapore.



Our Eeva Medical Stretch Mark Removal Clinic is helmed by Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping of collective experience of more than 40 years in medical and aesthetics practice. Our doctors understand the anxiety and stress that stretch marks can cause both ladies and men.  We frequently encounter patients who sought help from us to remove stretch marks located on the tummy, thighs and hips especially post pregnancy or post weight loss. Stretch marks can affect both ladies and men. Stretch marks in men tend to happen after weight loss.

Over the years in our practice, many patients have asked us what are the effective stretch mark treatment options available. Although previous treatment modalities have limited success, we are pleased to share that science and technology has advanced and we currently developed  doctor-performed medical protocol to effectively treat stretch marks.  We use a unique Western-Eastern approach harnessing a synergistic combination of a USA FDA-approved Israeli nano-fractional RF with Korean transdermal PDRN to improve the appearance and remove stretch marks.We have compiled frequently asked questions among our patients here so that you can understand stretch marks and their treatment options better.

To begin your journey to remove your stretch marks, whatsapps us at 87263383 to book an appointment with Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping for a consultation.

Can Stretch Marks even be Treated?

YES! Stretch marks can be treated.





We are excited to inform you that Stretch Marks can be reduced and removed effectively and affordably using our unique Western-Eastern approach combining a USA FDA-approved Israeli Nano-fractional RF technology (USA FDA-approved, Europe CE-approved, Singapore HSA-approved) with Korean transdermal PDRN technology. In our years of medical aesthetic practice, many ladies have sought our professional help for stretch marks but previous medical technology for stretch marks solutions have been limited. Our doctors Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping were  are among the early doctors in Singapore to utilise  this nano-fractional RF for stretch mark treatment. We harness this brilliant technology to treat stubborn stretch marks which has been proven safe and achieve significant improvements. This is further combined with Korean transdermal PDRN technology to further enhanced the results for you.

We totally understand how disfiguring and annoying stretch marks on tummy, hips and thighs can be. Especially on those beach vacations that you want to bask under the sun in your favourite bikini! Stretch marks can develop after pregnancy or sudden weight loss.

Over the years, our doctors Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping have refined our treatment protocols and developed our own unique treatment protocols for stretch mark treatment. We have had happy patients who can wear their bikinis again with confidence!

Your journey with us starts with the all important first consultation with our lady doctors, Dr Grace Ling or Dr Lim Luping. During the detailed 30min consultation, we will:

  1. Analyse the severity of your stretch marks – we will take note of the duration you have had the stretch marks, the location and extent of the stretch marks and also the depth of the stretch marks
  2. Take note your special medical history including drug allergies or previous surgeries etc
  3. Take note of whether you have sagging skin associated with the stretch marks ( some patients have lax and sagging skin which worsens the appearance of the stretch marks; this may require concurrent treatment as well to obtain optimal results in improving the appearance of the stretch marks)
  4. We will also take special note of previous medications/ topical products / treatments that you may have done before as this will help us to customise your stretch mark treatment program better
  5. You are also free to raise any unique concerns that you have about your stretch marks or treatment plan
  6. Finally a customised Stretch Mark Treatment Plan will be designed for you to suit your concerns, needs, budget and schedule.

We will discuss your expectations and also explain in detail what the possible treatment options are available for your particular condition. For starters, most will start with our affordable and effective foundation stretch mark reduction program :

For those patients who have higher expectations or requirement for stretch mark treatment or who may have had treatments done previously before, we are always on hand to discuss even more bespoke options to remodel your stretch marks. Do feel free to chat with our doctors to see what can be done for your concerns. Whatsapp us now at 8726 3383 to book an appointment with Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping to begin your “stretch mark removal journey today!

What causes stretch marks?
Stretch marks or striae may occur when a sudden rapid change happens to our body (eg pregnancy, teenage growth spurts, weight gain or even weight loss). When our bodies change gradually, the fibres in our skin slowly stretch to adapt. But rapid change can cause the middle layer of the skin to tear, leading to unsightly and disfiguring scarring.

The appearance of stretch marks can vary from red, pink, purple or silver streaks to indented lines in the skin. Although stretch marks are essentially harmless and painless, it can be a source of anxiety and depression for some people especially ladies. Frequently after pregnancy it can add stress to busy mother affecting confidence and self esteem.

How long will it take for me to see results?
We are pleased to inform you that many of our patients see their stretch marks improve and transform as early as after 1 session of the our Signature Stretch Mark Reduction Program. Results can vary between between individual patients depending on each patient’s stretch mark severity, age, compliance with homecare, lifestyle etc.

This foundational Stretch Mark Reduction System can be repeated monthly. Most of our patients usually required 3-6 sessions to achieve their desired results. Each treatment is done one month apart. Each session is performed by our experienced doctor and only requires about 30-45 min in our clinic. Each Stretch Mark Reduction session consists of 2 steps :

  • Venus Viva Nano-fractional RF procedure – settings will be specially customised by our lady doctor to suit your skin condition and severity of your acne scars
  • Transdermal penetration of PDRN ( which increases penetration and absorption up to 10 times more) – which consists of DNA extracts to promote scar repair and skin remodelling at the DNA level

You can start smiling as early as 28 days after the nano-fractional RF treatment, research shows increased collagen and elastin in the area of stretch marks treated*. After 12 weeks research shows further significant increase in collagen and elastin the area of stretch marks treated*.

For patients with more advanced expectations, we are always on hand to discuss even more bespoke options to remodel your stretch marks. Do feel free to chat with our doctors to see what can be done for your concerns. Whatsapp us now at 8726 3383 to book an appointment with Dr Grace Ling / Dr Lim Luping to begin your “stretchmark-free” journey today!

*Results can vary with individual patients

Find out how Venus Viva Nano-Fractional RF work on Stretch Marks

Here’s some good news for your previously difficult and stubborn to treat stretch marks!

Did you know that stretch marks can now be treated using Venus Viva™, an Israeli Nano-fractional RF™? This brilliant Nano-RF technology can diminish & improve the appearance of stretch marks significantly. It is non-invasive and requires minimal downtime. Results can be seen even after 1 treatment for some individuals. Results can vary between between individual patients depending on each patient’s stretch mark severity, age, compliance with homecare, lifestyle etc.

Venus Viva™ is a fully customizable FDA cleared solution for skin remodeling and resurfacing. Delivering impressive efficacy through combining NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ (RF) and an outstanding SmartScan™ technology, Venus Viva is the foremost system that allows you to manually control ablation and coagulation for enhanced treatment efficiency.

  • NanoFractional RF + (MP)2+ SmartScan Technology
  • Superior depth of penetration
  • Fully customizable: Complete control of the ablation and coagulation capacity
  • Consistent and predictable clinical outcomes
  • Immediate and long term results
  • Safe for all skin types

Here’s how it works:

Venus Viva™ works using tiny pins that safely deliver heat (via NanoFractional RF™) through the skin’s surface. This in turn creates tiny micro-dermal wounds on the skin, which the body then works to heal naturally. This method taps on your body’s innate healing capabilities and allows your skin to naturally repair signs of skin damage seen on the skin’s surface, including stretch marks.

Because the wounds caused by these tiny pins are so small, the treatment is much more comfortable than conventional lasers or chemical peels. The result is smoother, healthier skin with minimal downtime. If you or someone you know is struggling with issues related to stretch marks, you can look into this safe and proven service provided by Dr Grace Ling and Dr Lim Luping at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic. 

How does Transdermal PDRN complement healing of Stretch Marks?

PDRN, which are DNA extracts for scar healing and regeneration, can be transdermally penetrated into your skin during our doctor designed stretch mark treatment protocol which can heal your stretch marks by acting as a scar healer.  We are able to enhance the penetration up to 10 times using medical technology from Israel, stimulating and accelerating cell repair, and regeneration of new cells from deep within the skin. This medical procedure strengthens and thickens the skin structure, improving the appearance and reducing the depth of acne scars. The DNA introduced repairs to the skin from deep within. Additionally, it also reverses the process of aging and restores smoothness and youthfulness to your skin appearance. 

The evident benefits that will be delivered to your skin which were previously scarred by stretch marks:

-healthy, supple, smooth skin-enhanced elasticity

-firmness and lift

-recovery of skin balance- hydrated and moisturised skin texture 

Are the stretch mark treatment results permanent?
We are pleased to share the good news with you that the stretch mark treatment results from our stretch mark treatment protocol are permanent! The new collagen formation and stretch mark improvement are permanent.
Does the treatment work on breast stretch marks?
Yes, this treatment can be used on breast stretch marks too. Do book an appointment with our lady doctors to discuss further if this treatment is suitable for your condition.
How long is the downtime of stretch mark treatments?
The downtime is mild redness for about 24-48 hours after the treatment. Sun tanning of the area of treatment is not advised for 7-10 days after the treatment. Otherwise you can go back to your usual work and play immediately after the treatment.
Do traditional therapies for stretch marks help?
As stretch marks have plaqued many ladies (and sometimes men) over centuries, many have explored and experimented with multiple ways in the attempt to treat or improve the appearance of stretch marks. Traditional therapies for stretch marks eg topical creams, glycolic acid peels, retinoids have little proven success in the treatment of stretch marks. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion has also been tried with fair to minimal results.

In recent years, different laser and light therapies have been also used with varying degrees of success.

Some have also tried the “preventive” approach by using anti-stretch mark creams during pregnancy. These unfortunately have also not been supported by strong medical evidence.

Treatment Philosophy
We care enough to listen to you and each patient matters to us. We are not a mass market aesthetics outlet or spa so do not believe in hard-sell policies. Our doctors are down to earth and sensible and are passionate in delivering results. We aim to give you unbiased and proven advice to ensure that you receive the most optimal treatment to suit your preferences, budget, schedule and needs.

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