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How To Remove Back Acne Scars Successfully

remove backne back acne scar

Dear readers welcome to our blog at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Many of our acne patients often ask our doctors about how to remove back acne scars. Patients are often left with dark spots or hyperpigmentation after active acne has cleared up. These scars can last for a long time. This may range from few months to a year or more. Continue reading to learn about the step-by-step treatment used by our medical staff at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Many patients have had good scar removal outcomes as a result.

Step 1: Detailed consultation with the doctor

Every patient’s journey begins with a thorough consultation with our doctor. This is to assess skin condition, severity, and extent of the scars. Do note that certain skin types e.g. Fitzpatrick skin type 5 and 6 are predisposed to getting hyperpigmentation after acne. Furthermore, blemishes appear to last longer on these skin types.

Our doctors are friendly and approachable, and they are eager to hear about your concerns and needs. As a practice, be honest about your personal aspirations and share your goals.

Step 2: Customization of treatment

Secondly, we believe in giving everybody the same amount of care, but each patient has a doctor-designed treatment plan. Our medical team will tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs, preferences, schedule, and budget.

Our doctors serve a large client segment. This includes fresh graduates, young mummies, to C-level executives. In conclusion, all our back acne scar treatment plans are designed to fit your lifestyle.

Step 3: Home care regime

In addition to in-clinic treatment protocols, our medical staff will prescribe a basic home care regimen for you.

With their combined years of practice, our doctors have built their own skincare line based on fundamental principles. Furthermore, each product is a multi-tasker that tackles various challenges. They treat skin issues that our doctors have witnessed over the years, such as back acne scars.

Step 4: Prescription of treatment options

Finally, depending on your particular condition, our medical team can recommend treatment options either alone or in combination. These include:

This is a popular choice among Eeva Medical patients. This famous Korean InstaGlow Back Laser is both quick and effective. It eliminates dark marks and blemishes with no downtime.

This is known as the Hydra Clear Back Peel. It is effective in clearing acne laden skin and removes pigmentation.

With our ultimate Back Facial for acne-prone skin, you’ll be able to bare your back once more. Deep cleansing, purifying back treatment, and micro-nutrients that relax and nourish your skin can provide a truly fulfilling experience.

Please visit our website if you want to learn more about these choices – Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

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