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How To Maximise Your Body Sculpting Results

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Thinking of undergoing for body shaping treatment, or perhaps you’ve just taken the call to do so. You naturally desire the finest outcomes. You should keep safeguarding your interests in physique contouring since it is one. Well what steps do we suggest you take to accomplish your desired results? This article will explain just how to do that!

What To Expect From Body Sculpting

The ideal candidates for body sculpting are individuals who require minor adjustments, which are frequently genetic traits you will discover in a close relative. Additionally, the method works in places that defy nutrition and workout. This can often eliminate 20–25% of the fat tissues in the targeted region in a single cycle if you’re seeking an alternative to operations. Such figures can rise when receiving more than one treatment.

Based upon the therapy plan your doctor recommends, the body contouring price might vary from $300 to $800 per sessions. The majority of people who undergo non-surgical physique reshaping report little to no discomfort.

Fat reduction and skin tightening are the two main types of non-surgical body contouring treatments. Certain facilities provide services such as Fat freezing (cryolipolysis), Radiofrequency (RF), HIFU etc that can be utilised for body sculpting. Combination of treatments can be used depending on each individual’s condition.

How To Maximise Body Sculpting Results

1. Drink More Water

Maximize the benefits of a noninvasive fat management therapy by staying properly hydrated. The lymphatic system typically removes dead cellular debris via noninvasive physique contouring techniques that target excess fat. Both prior to and following the procedure, remaining hydrated aids in the speedier expulsion of the fat tissue. Preferably, consuming a large amount of water day after day develops into a regular routine.

2. Keep Moving

A few days following your first physique sculpting operation and prior to your subsequent, you should intensify your exercises. Following your procedure, take a day or two to recover and afterwards work out to maximize your attempts to shape your physique and add muscle mass.

3. Avoid Consuming The Wrong Food

To help with inflammation, minor pain, and the recovery period, you should avoid using anti-inflammatory medications, consuming meals packed with salt, and consuming alcohol for approximately 7 days following your procedure.

4. Consider a Massage

Following procedures like Fat Freezing, the body instantly started metabolizing the eliminated fat tissue. It removes defunct fat tissue as debris by filtering them via the lymphatic system towards the kidneys and liver. Blood flow and lymphatic drainage are enhanced with gentle lymphatic rubdown. Despite reclining on a surface, you may give oneself such massages at your leisure. According to research, individuals who undergo hand massage after body sculpting procedures experience a constant and perceptible boost in fat removal. Information recorded after two and four months reveal an increase in fat degradation of 40 to 70%.

5. Double Check Your Need Of Compression Garments

With fat freezing, tight clothing is really not required for optimal outcomes. While you are only temporarily bloated, however, non-restrictive, fairly fitting underwear may help you stay comfy, particularly for the stomach and back. A “faja” or compaction vest is required for conventional liposuction treatment after the procedure to effectively attach the skin to the surrounding components following a substantial portion of fatty tissue has been physically taken out completely at once. In the surgical site, skin elasticity will be reduced as a result. By using cryolipolysis treatment in Singapore, the fat tissue is digested relatively organically and constricting clothing is not required.

6. Be Patient

It could be beneficial if you allowed your system some space to function. Three weeks following the initial surgery, you can begin to notice the benefits of cryolipolysis. It will take your system approximately three to four months to completely drain away the fat tissue that was removed while it continues to digest them. Additional specific information concerning the areas to anticipate regarding the treatment will be provided by your doctor.

Where To Get Body Sculpting In Singapore

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, your story starts with a crucial initial appointment with one of our friendly and compassionate female doctors that lasts for 30 minutes. In addition to analyzing your targeted regions, our doctors will look into your family medical background, inquire about prior procedures, and talk with you regarding your goals. Eventually, our doctors will create a unique and comprehensive care plan to meet your needs, objectives, financial situation, and timeline. To track the effectiveness of the procedure, assessments prior to the procedure of the affected regions will be taken.

While outcomes hinge upon the individual’s age, attention to the recommended course of therapy, and the complexity of your ailment, it often takes six to eight visits to see improvements. Owing to variances in the deposition of soft tissues, muscle, and fat, as well as varied variations in the underlying causes, specific fat protrusions in males and females are distinct. Our doctors recognise this and will modify treatment plans correspondingly. They work in alignment with your needs and expectations during every visit.


Although body sculpting has the potential to yield excellent outcomes, the improvements are usually gradual and take time to manifest. Body sculpting won’t stop you from returning to your initial state before embarking on this procedure. It works most effectively when combined with a well-balanced eating and exercise routine to enhance benefits. The greatest method to guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the outcomes of this process is to approach it with the proper mentality. Do you want your body sculpting treatment to be done by a skilled doctor? Please feel free to reach out to Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic right away if you’d like to understand further or arrange an appointment.

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