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How To Hide Dark Eye Circles Without Makeup

dark under eye circles singapore

When you are exhausted, under eye dark circles can appear. Several of the negative consequences of insufficient sleep can make them worse. Dark circles can also get worse if you strain your eyes a lot, which you might be inclined to do when you are tired. Are you struggling with eyebags and are looking for a better fix than caking on makeup? This article will share some well known tricks and dark eye circle treatments that can help.

Items You Can Use To Reduce Dark Circles

1. Cooling Eye Masks

Sheet masks for eyes are a viable treatment if you experience circles beneath your eyes as a result of oedema, insufficient sleep, allergies, or even other factors. Additionally, the soothing solution can lessen the visibility of dark circles. It accomplishes this by lowering inflammation by restricting the circulation in the skin around your eyes. As soon as you apply it, the soothing feeling will rapidly revive your faculties and relieve congestion in the region around your eyes. This eye mask’s abundance of bioactive components, including caffeine, aloe vera, and chamomile, can dramatically reduce the look of dark circles. A wonderful idea is to apply such sheet masks after putting them in the refrigerator.

2. Used Tea Bags That Are Cool

Tea sachets application is an additional all-natural do-it-yourself approach. Green and black tea’s caffeine has antioxidant effects that promote blood flow. While devoid of caffeine, hot drinks like chamomile can reduce swelling and discomfort. For several minutes, let two tea sachets soak in lukewarm water. Drain the fluid out of them following that, and thereafter place them in the refrigerator to cool completely. Repeat the process after placing the sachets on your eyelids for roughly 15 minutes.

3. Eye Creams With Caffeine

Similar to vitamin C, caffeine is regarded as an antioxidant, and eye treatments that contain antioxidants can help prevent further damage and maintain the best-looking eye area. According to studies, coffee may decrease the likelihood of getting creases and slow down ageing by virtue of its antioxidant capabilities. As research shows external caffeine administration is beneficial for minimizing the look of dark circles, eye creams made with caffeine are indeed strong contenders. It proceeds as follows:  Caffeine speeds up blood circulation and promotes circulation in the area surrounding your eyes. Although it may not seem like it would have an immediate impact, doing this gives the skin around your eyes a youthful and vibrant appearance.

4. Retinoid Cream

In cosmetics supply shops, retinoid lotions are available for purchase.  To enable skin to appear translucent and hide dark undereye circles, the vitamin A compound will diminish coloration and boost collagen formation. The look of dark undereye circles will be improved. These lotions with vitamin A within them also lessen the amount of melanin present in the skin. Skin has color due to melanin. Please be aware that not all individuals should use retinoids lotions.

5. Frozen Spoon

One popular baggy eye trick that rapidly reduces the appearance of dark circles is to use a cool spoon. This cooking item promotes blood flow while calming and soothing the region around the eyes. When necessary, press and hold two cleansed spoons against your eyelids and allow them to settle. Maintain two sterile spoons in your fridge.

How To Treat Dark Circles Without The Hassle

REJU PN Collagen Booster I is a natural filler that we advise using under the eyes. It produces a much more obvious and long-lasting benefit than eye creams. Eeva REJUE Polynucleotide Eye Rejuvenation might work for you if you want to get rid of dark circles around your eyes quickly. It has been approved by the Korean FDA. DNA compounds and salmon polynucleotides are significantly condensed in this injection, despite its low fluidity. Such characteristics  enable for little to no downtime and inflammation after the procedure, dark eye circle treatment with Eeva REJUE Polynucleotide Eye Rejuvenation your under eyes will be rejuvenated,  and hydrated.. Skin remodeling and gradual collagen production both happen. This lessens the puffy appearance by strengthening and thickening the appearance of the skin overlying the veins in the region underneath the eyes. The vacuum is raised by applying Eeva REJUE Polynucleotide Eye Rejuvenation to the tear duct cavities beneath the dark circles because the epidermis layer is strengthened and thickened. As a result, the transition between upper features and the area under the eyes is softer and firmer.

Our patients also enjoy the Legacy MP2 RF Eye Lift Therapy to complement the Eeva REJUE Polynucleotide Eye Rejuvenation treatment. In addition to helping with brow lift and eye lift, it also aids in skin rejuvenation, crease elimination, sagging eyelids, and the removal of under-eye circles. Our female doctors can prescribe and tailor the best dark eye circle approach to suit your specific requirements after a thorough initial evaluation, which will include both the at-home application care plan and the in-clinic method of treatment.


There is a more permanent way of getting rid of eyebags with these available treatments. Therapy for dark undereye circles is available in Singapore for teenagers and individuals at every life stage. Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic succeeds in providing the outcomes that patients desire thanks to our doctors’ many years of patient quality care. Most patients who receive remedy for dark eye circles are ecstatic with how youthful and energetic they now feel. Book an appointment with us to find out more today!


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