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Tips for HIFU Post-Treatment

how to take care of your skin after hifu facelift

As we age, our skin loses collagen throughout the years, leading to saggy and wrinkled skin. Medical grade HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment has gained popularity in recent years as a non-surgical facelift alternative in Singapore, designed to restore firm, fair, and radiant skin. Due to its minimal downtime and non-invasive nature, it is well-received among busy women and young working professionals.

Before you decide whether to go for a HIFU treatment, you may be wondering if there is any aftercare required. Read on to find out some important steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your HIFU treatment and avoid any complications.

Tip #1: Avoid the sun 

Sun protection is absolutely necessary to recover properly from the treatment. If exposure to the sun is inevitable, do apply sunblock to minimise sun damage to your skin. Avoiding the sun will help to prevent hyperpigmentation and sunburn. Pay extra attention to your skin in the first few days after HIFU treatment. Be sure to be very particular about staying in the shade during this period until the skin tightening process is completed.

Tip #2: Keep the skin hydrated 

It is important to keep the skin hydrated post-treatment to accelerate recovery. Hence, do use a light moisturizer and drink lots of water. This is important in helping your skin recover, and also stimulates collagen production. Anyway, we should always drink plenty of water regardless of whether we undergo HIFU or not.

Tip #3: Avoid hot baths or showers

Do not take hot baths after the treatment as it can aggravate sensitive skin. Hot showers also strip the skin’s natural oils and make it more vulnerable to damage. Thus, it is important to choose cool showers to soothe your skin after HIFU. Using cold water also prevents skin irritation and keeps intact the natural protective barrier. 

Tip #4: Don’t exercise just yet 

Do not do any vigorous exercise and heavy lifting after treatment. During exercise, the body heats up and perspires. This could be uncomfortable for your skin, especially because there might be some swelling or redness post-treatment. 

Aftercare is important

Post-treatment aftercare is key to ensuring your HIFU treatment turns out nicely in the long term. The second thing is to look out for skilled doctors. Our team of personable and competent female doctors at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic will ensure that you are taken care of throughout the HIFU treatment process.


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