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Five Reasons Why Our Patients Like Laser for Pigmentation Removal 

why patients like laser for pigmentation removal

In our Guide to Pigmentation Removal Treatment in Singapore, we discussed a few approaches that many patients prefer in their quest for better looking and brighter skin, and remove unsightly dark spots on their faces. 

One of our patients’ top favourites would actually be laser for pigmentation. This may come as a surprise to our readers as the word “laser” itself sounds intimidating. Continue reading to find out why laser for pigmentation removal is well-accepted. 

Reason #1: Quick Results 

Yes, that’s right! Laser for pigmentation is fast and efficient in delivering results, suitable for many skin types and many types of skin pigmentation conditions. 

In hot and sunny Singapore, some very common conditions faced by patients are freckles and melasma. Our experienced doctors can help you solve the issue of freckles. Results of laser for freckle removal have been successful with our InstaGlow Laser. Contact us to find out about this refreshing treatment that will save you from your freckles.  

Reason #2: Fuss-Free Procedure 

Laser treatment is a straightforward and fuss-free treatment for our highly experienced and skilled doctors. Thus, we have many new patients popping in during lunchtime to undergo this procedure. We know that many of our patients are time-strapped with a busy lifestyle, resulting in dull skin and undesirable pigmentation due to Singapore’s UV exposure. Many are working professionals, busy mummies, and the sandwiched generation in Singapore. 

Thus, we are unique in making the necessary preparations such that you are able to pop in and out of our clinic with little hassle, ultimate comfort, and maximum privacy and safety. We know you are busy, and we remove every burden possible. 

Reason #3: Long Term Benefits

Laser for pigmentation is probably one of the treatments that really yields other long-term benefits apart from pigmentation removal. Patients can take this into consideration when choosing a treatment to brighten and smoothen their skin. 

What does it do? It regulates pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) to reduce the formation of new pigmentation. Your skin becomes stronger and smoother as a result of the procedure, giving you improved radiance and glow from within. Contrary to what many people think, laser treatment does not thin your skin, especially when an appropriate laser is used based on your existing skin condition. 

Some patients who applied creams without results came to appreciate the long-term, positive and visible effects of laser treatment for pigmentation removal. 

Reason #4: Good Results for Certain Pigmentation Conditions 

Some of our patients have skin conditions such as Hori’s Nevus and Melasma, which are harder to remove just by creams alone. Many patients do feel discomfort with having these skin conditions as they are really obvious and do not show up well on the face. That is why our patients will prefer the laser approach for these skin conditions, to quickly and effectively get clearer and fairer skin. 

Using laser for melasma treatment as part of a holistic treatment protocol is more effective compared to just creams. Our laser technology has a special M1064 laser setting to reinforce the pigment clearing for melanin associated with melasma. Contact us to find out what this means for you in the world of medical aesthetics. Both conditions may result in dark patches or spots on your face that are difficult to go away, With laser therapy, you can diminish the appearance of stubborn skin discolouration and get lucent skin, as well as smoother skin in the long term. 

Reason #5: Non-invasive, Not painful, Minimal Downtime 

As we mentioned previously, many of our patients are pleasantly surprised that laser treatment is non-invasive. This means there is no surgery involved i.e. going under the knife. The majority of laser treatments do not have any pain or downtime. For some types of laser treatments, there may be a mild pricking sensation that is very tolerable. 

Certain types of pigmentation do require a higher level of laser power. However, the doctor will pre-warn you in advance so that you can choose whether to apply numbing cream. After treatment, you may feel some mild tingling sensation or redness which may last between just a few hours to a few days. You can go back to work and your daily activities immediately after treatment, as there are minimal side effects.

For first-timers who are new to medical aesthetics, laser treatment actually ranks as one of the treatments that are not at all invasive, and highly recommended if you are averse to pain or risk. This is unlike a surgical facelift or major plastic surgery, which comes with high risks that you will need to carefully consider.  

What’s Next? 

Many of our readers are probably getting ready to delve into the world of laser treatment after reading this article. As a medical team, we are definitely motivated and excited to help you solve your skin problems. However, we do need to highlight that laser removal of pigmentation is not suitable for everyone. 

How will you know if you are a good candidate for laser pigmentation removal? Consult our professional Singapore-certified lady doctors at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic who can give an accurate diagnosis and recommend the right treatment to restore your dull skin back to the pink of health. 

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