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Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic : What is the “Eeva” Difference?

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The philosophy behind Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic is to use advanced technologies to provide our patients’ complexion, scalp, and bodies life-changing outcomes so they can lead productive and fulfilling lives! Acne Scar Removal Treatment, Hair Loss Treatment Solutions, Pigmentation Removal Treatment, and Body Contouring are some of our specialties. Our pioneering doctors, Dr. Grace Ling and Dr. Lim Luping, are family physicians at heart who are knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, and reliable. They treat each patient’s personal demands with the highest skill and enthusiasm. Read on to find out more about Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic!

Eeva’s approach

1. Patient-centric 

Doctors often consult with patients who have typical ailments to determine what constitutes effective healthcare results for them. They utilise this information to determine the approaches that will best meet the needs of the patients, and then make their choices based on the infrastructure, eligibility, and cost of these procedures. Our clinic puts the patient first in crafting out treatment protocols as we get constant feedback from the ground to upgrade and improve protocols to deliver better care to our patients.

Greater engagement among all relevant parties such as patients and doctors can lead to a closer working relationship that can make way for greater transparency, understanding and trust. Furthermore, patients who have better knowledge and comprehension of their individual wellness, healthcare, and health options receive better care, which reduces the incidence of illness. This greater understanding may also lead to improved post-treatment procedures, lowering the need for worsening conditions, extended treatments, and recurring issues.  Health professionals can also make more informed decisions for a patient’s health by working together and involving people in the decision-making exercise. Overall, satisfaction from both patients and doctors rises as a result of improved patient quality of life.

2. Holistic 

Healthcare practised holistically refers to giving care that considers an individual as a whole, not simply their concerns in terms of the issues that are plaguing them. Their physiological, mental, interpersonal, and metaphysical welfare should all be taken into account. Every patient’s experience and recovery journey will be unique and shaped by a variety of factors, including age, gender, lifestyle, stage of life, sexual orientation, marital status, and values.

Holistic requirements are regarded as a significant component of treatment approaches in several illness domains. Patients receive a complete needs analysis in addition to professional consultations, which is supported by a recommendation to the personalised procedures. This results from a deeper comprehension of the numerous other aspects of the impacted patient’s condition that a sickness and its management may touch. Doctors will be able to create successful participation and management solutions based on the unique requirements of patients by learning about the problems and anxieties patients may have about treating an illness and understanding how this integrates into everyday activities.

3. Results-driven 

Our doctors harness modern and cutting edge technology to deliver faster and more effective results. We aim to deliver patient-centric results based on listening carefully to the needs and concerns of every patient to customise a plan suitable for their specific needs, preferences, schedule and budget.

What exactly is the “Eeva” difference?

Many doctors and clinics may have access to similar technology and knowledge but medical doctors at Eeva excel at the human touch of how our doctors apply and utilise cutting-edge medical technology to deliver holistic care to our patients. This means that you can trust us to handle your concerns with confidentiality and professionalism. Our clinic will take into account every individual’s concerns and craft a personalised approach, promising improvements that you will be satisfied with. 

Our aesthetic clinic strictly does not believe in hard-sell policies as we anchor our practices to our core values: integrity, ethics, and patient safety. Hence, you can be assured that we would also strive to provide unbiased and proven advice to ensure the best treatment that accommodates your preferences, budget, schedule and needs. We are skilled in harnessing medical technology and passionate about delivering results.


We welcome anyone who has aesthetic concerns to schedule an appointment if you wish to start your aesthetic journey with us.

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