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Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic : Premier Medical Facials in Singapore

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With advances in modern technology, an increasing number of people are seeking faster and more effective results as compared to traditional facials. Our doctors have seen many women and men who have approached us for skin-related issues on their face, especially as prolonged mask-wearing during the peak of COVID-19 has caused some cases of skin sensitivities. 

Some individuals dive straight into medical aesthetic procedures such as laser therapy. However, others feel that they are not ready to embark on an invasive procedure just yet but still want to benefit from medical technology to rejuvenate their skin or for regular grooming 

Here’s where medical facials fill in the gap. Read on to find out more about medical facials, their benefits and how they can help improve your skin condition.

What are Medical Facials?

The sole distinction between a medical facial and a resort or do-it-yourself facial is the level of intensity modern facials utilise to rejuvenate your face. You must arrange a session with one of our skincare doctors prior to beginning any medical facials in order to find out which of the many advanced medical facials is the ideal for your beauty objectives and your body’s demands.

Trained staff will assess the state of your complexion during the appointment, giving due consideration to problem spots such as pigmented spots, acne, and creases. We will inquire about your overall skin background, including any eczema or psoriasis you may have experienced in the past. We’ll also discuss the skincare items you’re currently using.

If you want to keep your skin glowing and vibrant, a medical facial can be performed as a standalone procedure. The suggested frequency is once a month to achieve sustainability for the desired results. In some conditions, you may be advised to do the treatment fortnightly to achieve faster results. In order to enhance the results of the therapies, medical facials can also be combined with other procedures like laser, Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF, injectables etc. Medical facials also aid in hydrating and soothing skin that is healing following medical aesthetic procedures.

At Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, our medical facials are designed to suit a diverse range of skin conditions. Shorter express medi-facials can be a suitable option for busy executives, mothers, and students. On the other spectrum, longer and premier medical facials can be for patients with more advanced skin needs and require the additional pampering that such facials provide.

Our medical facials include the following properties:

  • Acne medi-facials 
  • Back Medi-facials
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin Lifting
  • Skin Whitening / Brightening

What are the benefits of Medical Facials?

#1 Safe, easy, and practical

Remedies like medical facials are incredibly safe, easy, and practical. They  not only take less than an hour to perform, but also pose almost little danger of skin damage. In fact, you might think about facials as having “zero risks, all gain” because they are surface interventions. You won’t even have to arrange any downtime following your session.

#2 Enhances skin health & wellness 

If you would like your face to appear vibrant, protecting the health of your skin should be your primary concern. For this reason, medical facials would be an ideal option. They can improve the overall appearance of the skin, which can leave you appearing youthful and fresher since they help speed up tissue renewal and eliminate pollutants from your epidermis.

#3 Making skincare items more effective

The exfoliation of skin’s dead cells enables items to function more effectively, therefore exfoliating procedures are typically a periodic component of your skincare regimen. Nevertheless, do-it-yourself exfoliation methods frequently lack precision and remove insufficient layers of skin cells to actually enhance skincare and micro-nutrients penetration. Because of this, getting medical facials is necessary if you want your anti-aging creams and acne treatments in Singapore to function better.


Determining the medical facial that is best for you depends on your specific skin needs, preferences, schedule and budget. Our professional team of staff will be able to advise on medical facials suitable for your needs. A Eeva Triple Ultrasound Waterdrop Tx Therapy Medi-facial  may be used to remove discoloration after inflammation has occurred, while the decongesting acne medi-facial may be used to manage breakouts. In essence, we tailor the kind and intensity of your medical facial to the objectives you wish to achieve. If you are looking for quality medical facial treatments near Raffles Place MRT, do contact us to schedule an appointment.

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