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LDM Cellular Therapy

German Dual-Ultrasound Technology – Restoring Harmony and Balance to your Skin Cells from Within


Aesthetic concerns – Skin Rejuvenation · Anti-aging · Connective Tissue Lifting · Acne · Acne Scars

Dermatological Conditions – Dermatitis · Sensitive skin · Eczema

Key benefits of your LDM Cellular Therapy programme at a glance

LDM Cellular Therapy

No pain, no downtime!

Increases cell energy

Build immunity of skin

Strengthen skin at cellular level

Increase skin moisture from within

Reduce bad enzymes in skin cells hence reducing cell damage

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About Us

In Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, one of the important pillars of our treatment approaches involves building skin health at the cellular level so that the skin functions optimally and can look its best! Good skin health starts with healthy skin at a cellular level. Due to aging, environmental pollutants and dermatological skin conditions, frequently the integrity of the skin is compromised resulting in skin that is dull, inflamed, sensitive, dehydrated, oily or even broken.

What is LDM Cellular Therapy?

LDM-MED (Germany) is a unique game-changing German technology based on dual-frequency ultrasound waves that can treat aesthetic concerns and skin problems in the dermis and epidermis.

LDM benefits the skin through a 3-prong mechanism:

  1. Chemical
  • LDM Cellular Therapy increase the skin cell energy (by increasing the ATP of the cell)
  • Controls bad enzymes MMP (Matrix Metalloproteinases): repairs troubled skin and restores it to balance eg eczema, acne, dermatitis, wounds, ulcers
  • Activates and increase HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) : Strengthen skin and improve skin immunity, defend skin against stressful conditions eg UV damage , extreme temperature etc thus making LDM Cellular Therapy a good adjunct to other aesthetic treatments
  • Increase GAG (Glyco-Amino-Glycans) which are the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid : improve skin texture, refine pores, increase hydration and elasticity
  1. Mechanical
  • Causes Fibroblast Activation
  • Micro-massage occurs in the cells
  • Restore plumpness, radiance and youthfulness of skin
  • Tightens connective tis
  1. Thermal 
  • Increases microcirculation to promote skin health
  • Improve Lymphatic Drainage to aid in detoxification

Our doctors will advise you after consultation on the specific program or treatments that are most suitable for your specific skin condition.

LDM Cellular Therapy has programs that can treat both aesthetic concerns and skin conditions :

Aesthetic concerns

Skin Rejuvenation
Connective Tissue Lifting
Acne Scars

Dermatological Conditions

Sensitive skin

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