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Body Contouring Price: What to Expect?

Body contouring singapore

Dear readers, today we will share what we know about pricing. In this post, let’s discuss what to expect for body contouring price and the breakdown for different body parts. Eeva Doctors love what they do because we want to help our patients look better, feel better and have happier and healthier lives. Hence, our team works very hard to deliver results that patients want, while striving for fair pricing. 

What do we need to know about the price of body contouring? The good news is that it is not fixed pricing, it usually depends on the body part that you are working on, the type of body contouring service you choose, and the clinic which you have decided on. Non-surgical body contouring is usually the more preferred option with patients. Fret not as we walk you through different types of body contouring procedures and body sculpting in Singapore. 

Body Part That Body Contouring Can Do

Body contouring can target many areas! Here are just some of the areas that body contouring can treat: 

  • Back 
  • Arms
  • Flanks (also known as love handles) 
  • Neck and chin 
  • Buttocks 
  • Thighs 

Here is the solution that many men and women have been looking for. Be it love handles or tummy fat, bra rolls, bat wings, or inner thighs, body contouring can help you to regain the body shape that you desire. 

Also, many people think that body contouring is for weight loss, but actually it is for fat reduction and body shaping. If you are close to your body weight, the result of any body contouring technique is greatly improved. Most non-surgical body contouring procedures are not designed for extreme weight loss, as there are only so many fat cells that can be safely removed from your body in one go. Though you will see some weight loss with body contouring, it is designed to help shape areas of the body (as we are removing the fat cells) 

Cost of Body Contouring for Different Body Parts

Here at Eeva, we strive for fair pricing with maximum value. We care about our patients and so all our patients have a consultation with our doctor where we will tailor your treatment plan based on your needs, preferences, budget, and schedule.

Here is just an example of what the cost of different body contouring treatments  would look like at Eeva: 

  1. Eeva Venus Legacy Body Contouring: $299+ per 30-minute session (recommended 10 sessions per area) 
  2. Eeva LinearFirm HIFU Body Contouring: $800+ per 30-minute session (recommended 3 sessions per area) 
  3. TeslaFormer Muscle Building & Body Contouring: $250+ per session (recommended 8-10 sessions per area). 

To elaborate more on TeslaFormer, it is a form of functional magnetic stimulation for core muscle building. It is equivalent to 50,000 situps in 30 mins. With core muscle building, toning and firming, you also get additional benefits like butt lifting and pelvic floor strengthening. 

LinearFirm HIFU Body Contouring is the world’s fastest HIFU and is helpful for tummy fat reduction, bra fat removal, arm slimming, and thigh slimming. Venus Legacy Body Contouring is non-invasive and is helpful for belly fat reduction, thigh slimming, arm slimming, and skin tightening. 

All treatments at Eeva are non-invasive and carried out with minimal to no pain. In fact, some patients actually find the treatment very comfortable and therapeutic. As long as you comply with the body contouring treatment protocol and cooperate with the advice of our doctors, results are sustainable, meaning they can be maintained in the mid to long term. 

How about other treatments in Singapore? Here’s what you can expect: 

Fat freezing: around $450-900 per session 

Fat freezing is also known as cryolipolysis and it is a non-invasive method that permanently gets rid of stubborn fat cells from specific body areas via a controlled cooling technology, Options include Coolsculpt or other brands of cryolipolysis devices.  

Do note however that fat freezing or cryolipolysis carries a small risk of  paradoxical adipose hyperplasia ie thickening of fat ( PAH). 

Ultrasound non-surgical body treatments for fat cells: approximately $800-1,500 per treatment 

Ultrasonic body sculpting is usually beneficial for the flanks and tummy. They emit highly focused sonic waves into your skin which apply pressure onto the targeted cells, thereby breaking them down. 

Liposuction treatments: Each body area is priced differently, and could range from $1,500 to $2,800. Since most surgeons perform liposuction on at least 5 parts per treatment, the total cost could be anything from $15,000 to $25,000. 

Radio-frequency energy: around $350-800 per treatment 

Radiofrequency (RF) introduces high energy and heat into the skin to reduce fatty tissue in a way that is not invasive. It also has a skin tightening and cellulite removal effect. 

Most clinics will offer a no-obligation consultation where you can find the information required to keep your mind at ease. After a thorough examination, doctors will recommend a fat loss treatment that suits your goals. There is something for everyone, if you find it hard to decide, let the doctors give you a helping hand. 

None of these procedures actually cause weight loss. They reduce the size of the treatment area; however, they do not change the numbers on the weighing scale. However, they are definitely helpful in sculpting your physique. 


Body contouring price expectations are always manageable, depending on the body part you desire and the type of treatment you prefer. Always look for a good clinic with professional doctors and a medical team who can help you get the results that you want, based on your budget. If you are looking for a body contouring clinic in Singapore, why not try Eeva? Contact us now at +6587263383

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