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A Doctor’s Honest Advice about Blackhead Extraction Singapore

advice on blackhead extraction

Dear patients and readers, thank you for coming back to our blog. If you are keen to find out more about how to deal with acne-related blackheads and how to extract them, do read on.

Blackheads are a common form of acne. They are small bumps which appear on your skin due to clogged skin follicles, and usually look dark in nature. Though they usually appear on the face, they could appear on any part of the body which is suffering from any.

The Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic approach is holistic and customized, ensuring good results for all our patients. As our core values are integrity, ethics, and patient safety, it is important to give our readers and potential patients information you need to understand how to solve your skin issues.

With a collective experience of more than 40 years in medical and aesthetic practice, our doctors are pleased to share answers to commonly asked questions about blackhead extraction.

Advice #1: Consult a skincare professional

Do consult a skincare professional before deciding if an acne facial is suitable for you. Doing an acne facial will depend on the severity and extent of the acne. There are many different types of acne, and treatment options differ for each type. Rather than endlessly trying over-the-counter solutions, doing an acne facial may lessen your anguish. Do consult a professionally qualified doctor who has many years of experience in treating acne.

Acne issues are multifactorial. Hence, the best way to control acne is with a combination of treatments. This may entail light acne facial treatments in addition to oral and topical medicines.

Advice #2: Acne facial can help for mild acne

For mild acne conditions, an acne facial done professionally can result in cleaner and clearer skin and unclogging of pores. This will lessen the number of emerging blackheads, and also result in thorough blackhead extraction resulting in clean and radiant skin.

Advice #3: Consult a doctor for moderate to severe acne

For moderate to severe acne conditions that persists, it is wise to consult a doctor as the condition may need to be treated with medication. For instance, antibiotics and medicated creams. It is important to seek medical help at a severe stage of acne. If left untreated, severe acne could result in deep and permanent scarring. You will then have to do much more work compared to just blackhead extractions.

Advice #4: Medical grade acne facials are important

In Eeva, medical grade acne facials designed by doctors complement the home treatment of acne and medications. Not all facials are built the same. Hence, it is advisable to go for medical grade acne facials which are doctor designed and customizable to your specific skin condition. They also enhance the effectiveness of oral and topical medication, allowing you to see much more visible results.


Advice #5: Check if clean and sterile extractor tools are used

Blackhead extractions are a common procedure in acne facials in Singapore. Do take note if clean and sterile extractor tools are used in this procedure, to prevent the introduction of further infection to the acne. It is not advisable to attempt blackhead extractions by yourself especially if you are suffering from moderate to severe acne. Picking and touching your pimples incorrectly may worsen your acne.


Thank you for reading

For more guidance on blackhead extraction, do not hesitate to reach out to our warm and competent medical team at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

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