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5 Quick Tips from A Doctor on Acne Facial in Singapore

acne facial doctor tips

Acne facials are popular among Singaporeans who want a refreshing yet medically backed facial that can help clean up facial blemishes. However, because it involves your highly sensitive and often inflamed acne, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting an acne facial. Before you book an appointment for an acne facial, read on to see if one would help you.

1. Consult a skincare professional

It is vital to obtain an accurate assessment of the severity and scope of your acne. Hence, do see a skincare professional who can determine if an acne facial is right for you. A specialist will be able to advise you on the best acne treatment for you.

An acne facial cleanses the skin at a deeper level that is incredibly difficult to replicate at home. In addition to extractions, estheticians will apply higher grade skin treatments that are not available or suitable for home care. Professional acne treatments are difficult to duplicate at home because they require a degree of safety and experience that only an esthetician can deliver.

2. Acne facial is suitable for mild acne

For minor acne (temporary or not severe), a professional acne facial can result in cleaner, clearer skin and unclogging of pores. Look for a trained and experienced aesthetician or therapist who can offer you a clinically proven yet customised facial according to your skin type and condition.

3. Consult a doctor for moderate to severe acne

If moderate to severe acne persists, it is best to see a doctor because the problem may require treatment such as antibiotics and medicated lotions. Furthermore, a doctor will be able to create a well-rounded and thorough acne treatment plan that can reduce and prevent the recurrence of acne, keeping your skin clear.

This could involve, in addition to drugs, in-clinic therapies such as laser treatments. Patients with moderate to severe acne may already have acne scarring or have intermittent acne outbreaks that may not go away.

4. Choose medical-grade acne facials

Do keep a lookout for medical-grade acne facials, meaning that it is doctor-designed, clinically proven, and backed by medical ingredients. Acne facials can be offered by beauty salons, medi-spas, or aesthetic clinics. It is ideal to look out for an aesthetic clinic staffed by experienced and professional doctors who can provide quality acne facials designed to soothe and reduce your acne.

Our doctors designed Eeva Medical Grade Acne Facials to complement the home treatment of acne and medications. Using technology for acne-prone skin, you can enjoy a thorough ultrasonic deep cleansing and exfoliation to unclog pores. The application of derma-micronutrients follows this, and finally, DermaLight – a type of blue and red light that helps to kill bacteria and stimulate skin repair.

5. Ensure that extractor tools are clean

Acne facials in Singapore typically include blackhead extractions as a standard procedure for clearing up acne. Check with the medical team to verify that clean and sterilised extractor instruments are used in the acne facial treatment to avoid further germs into the acne, resulting in other infections and aggravation.

If you have acne, professional care is essential, especially exfoliation and extractions, which prevent the spread of bacteria and minimise scarring. Our doctors will collaborate with you, taking note of your objectives and devising an effective home care routine.

What’s next?

When you return for your next appointment, our doctor will analyse to evaluate your progress and professional treatment. Together, your home care, doctors, and professional treatments are the best way to achieve your skin goals.

Don’t wait any longer to get started on your acne treatment in Singapore journey. Contact our friendly and experienced team now!

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