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A Doctor’s Guide to Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF Treatments In Singapore

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What is Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF?

It’s the oldest repeated ultra-short pulse microneedling device that has been endorsed by FDA to reliably manage neovascularities, such as challenging medical scenarios like skin discoloration and rosacea. Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF is the most recent advancement utilising such RP methodology in this field. It behaves to just manage unusual cells and blood vessels to purposefully cure increased pigmentation and vascular lesions.

This newest model has been medically found to be able to effectively and completely treat a variety of conditions, such as acne scars, pore reduction, wrinkles, inflammation, melasma, PIH and cause a general improvement in the texture and appearance of the epidermis.

How Does it work?

Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF focuses and addresses the aberrant vasculature that can cause rosacea, melasma, and some epidermis slight discoloration via RP microneedling. An inductive force of energy is produced with the use of several tiny conductors that can pass through the epidermis without inflicting cellular injury.

Throughout the procedure, a machine makes sure that the conductors are applied accurately in a uniform layer to reach the appropriate scope. Microneedling procedures are quicker, highly efficient, and more pleasant for individuals since they penetrate all layers of the skin. Moreover, according to the objectives of the session, physicians can select from eight modalities.

It follows a 3-step process:

  • In order to cure scars and rejuvenate the skin, including reducing skin laxity, wrinkles, and acne scars, radio frequency (RF) commonly creates heat in the skin between 40 to 60°C. All dermal varieties can be properly addressed with RF because it is not impacted by the chromophores’ absorptivity unlike lasers are.
  • The confined microscopic tissue damage caused by microneedling speeds up tissue repair by accelerating the production of growth factors. The procedure also aids in clearing the damaged cells.
  • This technique using microneedles and RF is considered less invasive in this field. Through microneedles, RF energy is being directed further into and with greater precision into the destination. With the advantages of microneedles and RF, it successfully addresses a variety of conditions and improves the appearance of the skin.

After just one session, skin tone and texture improvements are visible right away. Three months after each clinical session, there is still progress as the collagen renewal cycle gains momentum. It is recommended to schedule three to four consultations, between four and six weeks apart, integrating different forms of treatment for the best outcomes. Each session should last between 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the treated region, factoring in some time to apply the numbing cream.

Benefits of Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF

  • Shorter procedures
  • Comfortable and painless process
  • Has numerous features to address different skin conditions
  • Mildly invasive
  • Effective in delivering optimal outcomes
  • Minimal or no downtime
  • Positive improvements seen in most individuals immediately after

Is it painful? Are there any side effects?

This procedure is generally painless with minimal discomfort. This is due to the application of an anaesthetic cream before the procedure to ensure that the process remains comfortable.

Occasionally, patients might get a very mild prickly feeling when the device makes contact with the area. The intensity and region of the procedure can influence how this experience feels. It can also depend on the settings required for your individual condition. 

Following the procedure, you can immediately get back to your regular routines. Before the skin improves to a clearer and healthier appearance, there may be minor skin reactions including slight edema and redness when the procedure is set at a greater intensity.  Most cases experience a downtime from 0 to 3 days. Since acne scarring necessitates therapy at deeper levels of the skin, more downtime might be seen while treating acne scarring.

Post care treatment

Patients are typically given a recovery cream to use over the initial several days to enhance the recovery process.

After the Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF procedure, it is essential to moisturise and ensure adequate sun protection to hasten healing and prevent negative effects. Ideally, stay out of the sun for minimally 7 to 10 days.

AHAs, BHAs, and retinols, which are primary elements in skin products, should be avoided because they could cause skin irritation. 


If you are wondering if Eeva SX Dual Wave Microneedling RF is a treatment suitable to address your specific aesthetic concerns, do contact Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic to schedule an appointment with our doctors to find out more.

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