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A Doctor’s Guide to Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin®: Oral Supplement for Hair Loss

vitamins and supplements for hair loss

In today’s world, many ladies and gentlemen are turning to oral supplements for hair loss as a perfectly acceptable lifestyle option to mitigate hair loss. There are many brands of oral supplements and vitamins for hair loss. Hence, it’s best to find out as much as you can before making an informed decision. In this guide, we focus HairGrowth+ inCLINIC, which was formulated by Nourkrin for professional use. Keep reading to satisfy your curiosity and find out how HairGrowth+ can help you. 

What is HairGrowth+ inCLINIC? 

At some point in their life, up to 60% of women and 80% of men will encounter issues with their hair growth. HairGrowth+ inCLINIC is here to the rescue. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, with the unique Marilex®-P, is a scientifically developed Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy that helps sustain a healthy Hair Growth Cycle in turn supporting regular healthy hair growth.

How does it work? 

Regardless of the cause of the hair loss or the type of female hair loss that occurs, the Hair Growth Cycle is always significantly impacted. A variety of factors can disrupt normal hair growth and the healthy Hair Growth Cycle, leading to a negative cycle of excess shedding and little or no re-growth. By utilizing a Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy rich in particular bioactive proteoglycans, hair follicles can be stimulated back into the growth phase and a new revitalized Hair Growth Cycle can begin. As a result, hair density and quality are improved.

What are proteoglycans? 

Extensive research has been conducted over the last 30 years, with a focus on the hair follicle, its specific functions and cycling. Proteoglycans, a type of protein, have been shown in studies to play an important role in hair growth. 

Proteoglycan levels within the hair follicle have been clinically proven to decrease with age-related or hereditary hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia), post-pregnancy hair loss (Postpartum Effluvium), and stress-related hair loss (Telogen Effluvium).

The hair follicle is dependent on a fine-tuned interaction between numerous compartments in the epidermis and around the hair follicle, which is governed by a precise balance of essential growth influences. The involvement of proteoglycans in hair growth control should always be considered when addressing hair growth disorders, regardless of the cause or type, because proteoglycans can effectively influence growth factors.

What is proteoglycan follicular atrophy? 

Hair loss and interruptions in hair growth can be explained by a ‘lower-than-normal’ concentration of hair growth regulating proteoglycans, which promotes follicular breakdown — this is known as Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy.

Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy is a clinically recognized pathology characterized by the wasting away of selective proteoglycans from the dermal papilla, the inner and outer root sheath. This is coupled with the body’s ever-decreasing ability to replicate these in a normal, healthy manner.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, with the unique, proprietary Marilex®-P, is a scientifically developed Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy formulated to support normal healthy hair growth by addressing Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy. This is an underlying cause of almost all hair growth disruptions, regardless of the cause or type.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, heredity, hormones, childbirth, medicine, health, diabetes, food, smoking, and hairstyling. Whatever the cause, the natural, healthy Hair Growth Cycle is always negatively affected. 

The Hair Development Cycle is the critical mechanism that regulates hair growth on the scalp. Hence, it is vital to normalize and support the Hair Growth Cycle to repair hair and treat hair loss.

What is proteoglycan replacement therapy? 

Oral administration of certain bioavailable proteoglycans, referred to as Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy, is one viable and safe approach to raise the concentration of specific hair follicle proteoglycans and normalize the Hair Growth Cycle.

There is a solid scientific and clinical foundation for employing Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy as the primary treatment for people suffering from hair loss or hair growth disorders, regardless of the cause or type. Proteoglycan levels have been shown to decrease within the hair follicle after age-related or hereditary hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia), post-pregnancy hair loss (Postpartum Effluvium), and stress-related hair loss (Telogen Effluvium).

What is the key active ingredient? 

Marilex®-P distinguishes Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® from other products claiming to contain comparable substances. Marilex®-P is a proprietary ingredient that has been protected by exclusive intellectual property rights for over 30 years.

Marilex®-P is rich in specific follicular bioactive proteoglycans. These are obtained through a proprietary enzymatic fractionation of a specific fish extract. They contain high percentages of specific bioactive papillary proteoglycans which are critical to normal healthy female hair follicle growth and cycling during Telogen Effluvium (hair shedding after giving birth) and female pattern hair loss in general (genetic hair loss). 

Marilex®-P restores the key proteoglycans in and around hair follicles that are experiencing Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy. This has been clinically documented to be a major underlying cause of hair loss in both males and females, inducing and prolonging the Anagen (growth) phase and eventually leading to a normalisation of the healthy Hair Growth Cycle.

What is Marilex®-P made of? 

Marilex®-P (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans) is made with the highest quality, natural raw materials using an exclusive, protected, enzymatic extraction technology. It is recognized by health authorities worldwide, including the FDA, Anvisa, Cofepris, and the European Food Safety Authority, among others.

Are there any side effects? 

Multiple clinical trials published in prominent international medical publications have demonstrated the safety and tolerability of Hair Growth+ inCLINIC with Marilex®-P. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC with Nourkrin® Proteoglycans is fully safe and drug-free. It is fully based on drug-free ingredients that have been deemed safe by food and drug agencies around the world. Furthermore, Marilex®-P is approved by health authorities on all continents, including the FDA, Anvisa, Cofepris, and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Each Hair Growth+ inCLINIC tablet includes the exact amounts of Marilex®-P that have been shown to be beneficial in clinical tests. Additional ingredients influence the Hair Growth Cycle even further, making Hair Growth+ inCLINIC more than just a multivitamin, but also an effective, scientifically proved hair growth solution.

What is the efficacy of Hair Growth+ inCLINIC? 

After using Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, 8 out of 10 consumers noticed a considerable improvement. NourkrinHair ®’s Growth+ inCLINIC with proteoglycans has helped tens of thousands of women and men recover their Hair Growth Cycle and is recognized by scientists, doctors, dermatologists, and trichologists worldwide. 

Hair loss and disruptions in hair growth can be explained by a ‘lower than normal’ concentration of specific proteoglycans that cause follicular breakdown – this is known as Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy. Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy, also known as Hair Growth+ inCLINIC with Marilex®-P, is a first-line therapy that has been clinically demonstrated to be clinically effective in 9 out of 10 women suffering from Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy.

How long should Hair Growth+ inCLINIC be consumed for? 

6 months minimally. 

This is owing to the fact that the Hair Growth Cycle is so long. In the Anagen (growth) phase, around 85-90 per cent of the hair is actively growing at any given time. Once the hair has reached its maximum growth potential, it remains dormant in the follicle until it is released. The follicle then grows a new hair, kicking off a new growth phase and completing the cycle.

The Telogen (resting) phase lasts 3-4 months on average. Hence, Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is a 6-month program that has been scientifically established to assure optimal growth circumstances.

Is Hair Growth+ inCLINIC safe for everyone? 

Marilex®-P is a marine-derived extract, hence Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is not suited for persons who are allergic to fish. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC contains no shellfish. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is gluten-free and hence appropriate for coeliacs. 

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is fully based on medication-free components that have been deemed safe by food and drug regulators around the world. Furthermore, Marilex®-P is approved by health authorities on all continents, including the FDA, Anvisa, Cofepris, and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Over the last 30 years, more than 100 scientific investigations and clinical publications, as well as several user studies, have been published in top peer-reviewed clinical journals.

Will Hair Growth+ inCLINIC work for me if I am totally bald? 

Unfortunately, once a hair follicle dies, it can no longer create hair. Hence, patients are advised to start using Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® as soon as you see signs of hair thinning or loss.

When will I start to see a difference in my hair? 

Most Hair Growth+ inCLINIC users notice a difference after 2-3 months of consistent use at the recommended daily dosage. 

Can I take Hair Growth+ inCLINIC while breastfeeding? 

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is a drug-free, natural-ingredient-based treatment that is completely safe.  Hair Growth+ inCLINIC can be taken while breastfeeding, however, it is always best to check with your doctor before beginning the treatment.

What should I do next? 

As with any oral supplement, you shouldn’t attempt to go on a programme without advice from your doctor! Contact our friendly and competent doctors at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, who have many years of experience in treating a wide range of hair loss cases. Embark on your hair restoration journey with assured confidence now

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