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In our doctor’s guide to acne scar removal treatments, we briefly discussed the benefits and properties of Rejuran Healer.  One of our patients’ top priorities and concerns is whether they can heal their scars permanently and naturally. Rejuran Healer can be one option for this. You will need to go for a consultation to see if it’s suitable for your skin type. To help you make a decision, we’ve outlined how Rejuran Healer works, with its usage of key ingredients such as PN and PDRN. 

#1: Rejuran Healer works at the DNA level 

Rejuran Healer contains Polynucleotide (PN), derived from Salmon DNA to repair damaged skin structure at the DNA level, therefore healing sunken scars. The results are long-lasting or permanent, while being natural. PN is a larger molecule and more concentrated version of PDRN, with stronger regenerative properties. Rejuran Healer contains both ingredients. Rejuran is bio-compatible with the human body. 

#2: Stimulates natural collagen production. 

Rejuran Healer is an injection treatment that stimulates collagen repair, regeneration, and remodelling. When injected into the skin, Rejuran delivers polynucleotides, DNA and RNA into the skin cells, stimulating and accelerating cell repair and regeneration of new cells from deep within the skin. It stimulates the fibroblasts in your skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in the lifting of acne scars and reducing indentations. 

#3: Complement subcision to repair acne scars 

Rejuran Healer can enhance the subcision procedure of scars to lift the depressed area, stimulating gradual and progressive repair of the scar area. Subcision acne scar treatment in Singapore is a minimally invasive technique that treats depressed scars that are being bound down by fibrous scar tissue. A needle is inserted into the skin to sever the scar tissue which is anchoring the skin down, stimulating collagen growth and improving scar appearance over time. Rejuran Healer complements subcision by restoring skin structure and hydrating the skin. 

#4: Results in brighter and smoother skin 

Acne scar patients may have concurrent blemishes or marks from acne as well. Rejuran Healer can rejuvenate the skin surrounding the scar to lighten the hyperpigmentation and also restore the youthfulness of the skin. Patients have noted a glow and radiance in skin, smoothness, reduced fine lines, and improved hydration. Overall, there are age-reversal and youth-regenerating effects. 

#5: Additional benefits 

Rejuran Healer also has the ability to refine your pore, giving your skin a smoother and more radiant quality. Aside from healing acne scars, they provide many benefits such as wrinkle and fine line reduction and reduced dark eye circles. Being a natural skin filler and healer, Rejuran can be an option for non-surgical facelift and skin tightening. It turns back the clock for sagging skin by increasing skin firmness and elasticity. 

What’s next? 

We understand fully well that skin concerns have an emotional and psychological impact on one’s life regardless of age or profession. Our doctors treat a wide range of patients from all walks of life who have previously suffered from severe acne scars. Our medical team can design a customized acne scar removal program suitable for your needs, concerns, budget, and schedule. Contact us today to find out more.

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