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5 Tips to choosing the right aesthetic clinic in Singapore

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Finding an aesthetic clinic will assist in developing the optimal treatment strategy for you as well as in diagnosing your medical issue. There are many aesthetic doctors in existence. Hence, it is important to find a clinic that best suits your needs. Ideally, a place where you can build a long-term relationship as well so that you can always go back to them whenever you need to. So you might be wondering what are the criteria to settle on the most suitable clinic for you. This article will provide 5 tips to choose the right aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore.

#1 You feel comfortable with the aesthetic doctor

Greater engagement among all relevant parties such as patients and doctors can lead to a closer working relationship that can make way for greater transparency, understanding and trust. Furthermore, patients who have better knowledge and comprehension of their individual wellness, healthcare, and health options receive better care, which reduces the incidence of illness. This greater understanding may also lead to improved post-treatment procedures, lowering the need for worsening conditions, extended treatments, and recurring issues.  The aesthetic doctor can also make more informed decisions for a patient’s skin health by working together and involving people in the decision-making exercise. Overall, satisfaction from both patients and doctors rises as a result of improved patient quality of life.

#2 You are able to have an open channel of communication with the aesthetic doctor

Some aesthetic issues may be difficult to discuss with your doctor if you don’t normally discuss them with other people. This includes being able to feedback on your changing needs at different life stages such as weight loss, stretch marks, body contouring, and hair loss. At Eeva, our staff have received training in handling delicate situations and understanding the various requirements and cultures of the patients they are responsible for.

Developing trust between a doctor and a patient requires honest and candid dialogue. An excellent aesthetic doctor and their team will make you feel at ease. Your queries and medical concerns must be accepted by doctors, free from bias. Therefore, your doctor ought to treat you equally and respectfully, regardless of your inquiry or problem. Your discussions with the doctors are confidential and personal. Your doctor is not permitted to discuss you or your health with anybody, which includes immediate family members unless extremely unusual circumstances apply.

Feel free to communicate any needs and concerns you may have. Especially for working executives who are busy and tight on time, you may want to communicate that to your doctor so they can customise programs suited to your lifestyle and schedules.

#3 A clinic location convenient for you 

Current post-covid trends suggest that people have increasingly prioritised the importance of personal wellness. Hence, many patients block out their schedules to visit their aesthetic doctor at least once to twice a month. Living or working close to your chosen aesthetic medical clinic offers several advantages, including a sense of security with easy availability to consultations and treatment sessions whenever they may be scheduled. Additionally, clinical assessments are far quicker and more practical. If you can arrive well in advance for your visits at the clinic, forget about long hours of commuting and sometimes even longer periods of waiting.

#4 Look for a doctor who shares realistic expectations and does not over-promise results

Some patients who visit an aesthetic doctor may have unrealistic expectations of what a particular type of aesthetic treatment can achieve for them. A good doctor would be able to share possible realistic outcomes of each type of aesthetic treatment or protocol with the patient and not over-promise results. It is crucial to ascertain the patient’s beliefs and assumptions while addressing their aesthetic concerns because every individual patient is different and there is no guarantee that any single treatment would deliver the same results for all patients. As we all know that even with FDA-approved technology, treatment results can still vary between each individual depending on the severity of the condition, genetics, lifestyle factors, and age for example. Hence, the doctors are in charge of clearly explaining your diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment plan before being open and forthcoming about the likely course of treatment to take. 

During consultations, the doctors should clearly state the pros and cons associated with each treatment. It goes without saying that this should be handled with care, giving the patient (and frequently their relatives) time to ask questions. This is so that you can assess if the treatment is suitable for you.

#5 A doctor who cares for you and patient-centric

Doctors often consult with patients who have typical ailments to determine what constitutes effective healthcare results for them. They utilise this information to determine the approaches that will best meet the needs of the patients and then make their choices based on the infrastructure, eligibility, and cost of these procedures. A good clinic puts the patient first in crafting treatment protocols as they get constant feedback from the ground to upgrade and improve protocols to deliver better care to our patients.


If you and the aesthetic physician have established a good connection and level of confidence, you may probably rely on him to suggest procedures that will be advantageous for your condition. Finding a reputable aesthetic doctor you can fully rely on to suit your aesthetic condition and needs requires a while. Don’t dive right in. Choose a doctor you feel at ease with by taking your time.

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