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5 Sensible Advice From Our Doctors On Back Acne Treatment Singapore

back acne treatment - sensible advice from our doctors

Besides the face, one of the common sites for acne to occur in teens and young adults is the back. 

Acne marks, blemishes, and scars can disfigure the back, resulting in poor body image, low self-esteem, and self-confidence for both ladies and men. You may feel awkward in public areas such as the swimming pool, where you need to wear swimwear but do not want to bare your back. Fear not, read on to get genuine tips from our doctors about treatment for body acne, back acne treatment and back acne facial in Singapore. 

Advice #1: Use OTC products for mild acne cases 

For mild cases, you may try using OTC products from the pharmacy as an efficient back acne cure. Do look for products with anti-acne ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, fruit acids, and so on. A gentle but effective body scrub done at home can also be used to exfoliate dead skin to reveal fresher and more radiant skin, but this should be done only after the active acne has subsided. 

Advice #2: Consult a doctor for moderate to severe acne cases 

For moderate to severe cases, it is best to consult a Singapore-certified acne doctor who can assess the severity and recommend a suitable treatment to achieve a back acne cure. Home remedies are unlikely to be effective for this group. If done wrongly, home treatments could result in more harm than good. You may not achieve your desired results, ending up with more acne, outbreaks or scarring. 

Your doctor may recommend a wide range of clinical-grade treatments that will work, such as laser therapy, peels, hydrodermabrasion, medication etc.  

Throughout the course of your body acne treatment, do remember to be gentle to the skin, do not use harsh products/cleansers, and also avoid scrubbing the skin.

Advice #3: Use lightening creams for hyperpigmentation

Back acne can often result in dark spots or marks left on the skin, which can be unsightly and disfiguring. For mild cases, you can use lightening creams to reduce the pigmentation, or complement it with a back facial done by a skin care professional in Singapore to reduce the hyperpigmentation. 

Advice #4: Consult a doctor to clear back acne scars 

For moderate to severe conditions of back acne, there can be hyperpigmentation occurring concurrently. This can persist for many months and does not go away that easily. It is best to consult a doctor to clear the marks or scars on the back. More advanced treatments eg laser / medication / peel / microdermabrasion may be needed. If the active acne on the back has completely cleared, there may be dark marks on the back as a result of the acne. Hence, you will still need to undergo treatment for cosmetic reasons. You can choose from a wide range of options that include: laser, lightening creams, back facial, chemical peel, hydrodermabrasion, etc. 

Advice #5: Wear loose-fitting clothes 

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, people with back acne are advised to wear loose fitting clothes as we tend to perspire in the hot and humid local weather. Do wash clothes after each use, and shower as soon as you can after exercise. 


When in doubt, always seek professional help. Early intervention is important. Do seek expert help from our personable medical team at Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, who can comprehensively diagnose and assess your condition to provide a suitable back acne treatment plan for you.

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